One year at Volt – Adam Cole, Managing Director at Volt Singapore


by Adam Cole

I joined Volt in 2020 and I knew it would be an unforgettable experience, but I couldn’t have anticipated quite how memorable it would be. Having gained valuable recruitment experience by working in different countries I was well prepared to relocate from Hong Kong with my family to Singapore during Covid-19, no easy task with animals & kids in tow! We went straight into quarantine for 2 weeks and by luck at the Ritz Carlton Singapore! On release from SHN we went into the standard temporary accommodation, my two daughters started in their new school and I started my new role, my wife working full time as well presented a few challenges, however the Singapore team were all very helpful and welcoming which made things a lot easier! Eventually we found our new home. The first challenge in week one was passing the KAH exam, all that revision paid off. Then it was time to get to know the team further….

A year like no other

The Covid-19 pandemic took everyone by surprize. We knew keeping our colleagues safe and providing mental health support for our staff and communities was a priority. Thanks to the agility and team culture of everyone at Volt. Other industries and competitors have suffered much more than ours and we often found amazingly creative new ways of serving our customers.

Virtual adaptions we all had to make, a particular highlight for me during the year was regular video calls with the global teams. It was great to get to know leaders from across the business and stay connected with my own team. Despite the lockdown, being able to speak to colleagues directly from my home office was a pleasure.

Volt Singapore led the way on introducing a DE&I webinar series during the pandemic - I am very proud of the team and their achievements. Our DE&I webinar series accumulated hundreds of attendees and some inspirational speakers included; Microsoft Asia, Ericsson and Facebook.

We were delighted to have won two awards during the past 12 months; Asia's 5 Star Top Recruiters from HRD Asia and The Distinction Award for CARES by the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore -  a testament to the teams hard work.

Volt are Gold partners of The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham) and sponsored the AmCham Business Summit in March 2021. I moderated one of the LIVE sessions alongside Fortune 100 organizations, discussing digital transformation.  The partnership has gone from strength to strength and I must thank the CEO Hsien,  as she’s been most welcoming. I’ve met some fantastic people at various events during the last 12 months and the AMCHAM Team have done an awesome job!

Volt Singapore Culture

Creating a positive and healthy culture is vital for any employee's wellbeing and success. Personally I take much of my previous experience within sport into the corporate world as I love team work & collaboration!!

The main qualities in Volt Singapore's team are a positive workplace culture which boils down to the following key characteristics of my team:

-Collaboration & team work -  Providing support for one another

-Driving excellence to our clients and candidates

-Treating one another with respect, gratitude, trust, and integrity

-Output driven mindset via a flexible working environment

-Fun & celebrating success – Celebrate the high’s and learn from the low’s!

Impacting the future

At Volt, many of the people we serve are leading global organizations. Our comprehensive range of services include permanent, contract and temporary recruitment, payroll, statement of work and project hiring. The past year has proven our capacity to stay focused on meeting the needs of the APAC community, even in the toughest circumstances. That makes me even more proud of being part of Volt Singapore - the partner of choice for all stages of the recruitment cycle.

And what have I learned personally from this extraordinary 12 months? Most importantly, that we can face any challenge if we use our imagination to plan for the unexpected. That we should trust the people around us to find creative solutions and embrace change. And that we must identify and seize opportunities, even in the most adverse conditions.  

The continual focus on specialization is serving the team well in order to keep providing the best in class talent to our clients and making sure our candidates experience best in class service.  

Volt Singapore are continually seeing signs of the market improving and as we look further ahead into 2021 and beyond.  We are seeking to expand and continue our journey of year on year growth. Visit our careers page here as the vision and future is exciting!

The journey ahead will be a rewarding one, as there is so much more we can still do as a team to help our customers flourish in success with their talent strategies.

With a tenured global leadership team in place, it’s an exciting stage of evolvement to have joined Volt, that no doubt will present more opportunity for all in Singapore in relation to personal development and earning potential. The Volt Singapore office is well positioned to continue to grow and maximise its potential across the APAC region over the next Key cycle. Operating from a set of core Volt values I continue to set the tone utilizing those values for Volt Singapore.