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Satisfying customers with on time supply of a global drug

How we helped to reduce the lead time and working capital in a competitive market situation Click to open

Introducing a professional process for clinical outsourcing

How we helped to ensure internal alignment in a large Pharma company and help them set up meaningful metrics and continuous learning processes Click to open

Developing the leadership capability of clinical project teams

How we helped a major Pharma to identify CRO views and concerns at an early stage of engagement and build more open and practical relationships Click to open

Developing leaders so they could lead transformation

Working with a large Pharma company across a range of global R&D teams to embed productive behaviours Click to open

Improving cross functional decision-making

Working with an international product development team to crunch a much delayed decision and help them learn more systematic decision processes Click to open

Delivering a measurable improvement to alliance management capability

Running a series of workshops, follow-up online events and embedding a comprehensive online toolkit to build relationship skills across all company functions Click to open

Culture transformation in R&D

Increasing motivation engagement and willingness to improve productivity across a range of functional departments Click to open