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VPA Case Studies

Check out the impact we have had with client organisations in some case studies from each of our Practices. Contact VPA to learn more about any of these - or click the links in the areas below to learn more about the challenges that each Practice can help you to address.

You may also benefit by looking at our general guidance and commentary - please visit our Insights area.

Life Science Leadership (LSL)

VPA's client had a need to re-engage staff following a major re-organisation of a global pharmaceutical company into therapeutic business units.

Operational Excellence (OPEX)

A mid-sized pharmaceutical company was driving to reduce lead times from discovery to launch. The requirement was to understand where the bottlenecks and slow moving processes were and what current improvements could be made.\

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M)

A not for profit group was looking to understand how they should make project selection decisions for projects entering into the clinical phase, and how the priority of these incoming projects could be seen against those already in the portfolio.

Product Development - Clinical and Regulatory (PDCR)

A mid-sized pharmaceutical company was in the middle of a de-centralised regulatory procedure when it suddenly needed additional expertise to complete the on-going procedure. There was a need to respond to questions, finalise the labelling and manage an unexpected complication due to a member state having raised national health concerns at the end of the procedure.

Pharmaceutical Science (PHARM SCI)

VPA's client had developed a new manufacturing process for a biotech drug substance, which improved the yield, reduced the cost of goods and removed the raw materials of animal origin. However, a lengthy regulatory approval process needed to be avoided.

Product Opportunity Evaluation and Maximisation (POEM)

A new therapeutic about to enter the clinic with a range of possible different indications and disease populations needed to determine the best development path and target product profile, as well as explore the risk/reward balance between the various development options and pricing implications.

Quality Management & Regulatory Compliance (QMRC)

A pharmaceutical company were looking to move to disposable systems and change their primary packaging.

Commercialisation (VPAC)

A non-European medical device company had developed a medical device for helping patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. While it was being used in a number of private hospitals in the UK, the company hoped to expand its usage into the NHS and so needed evidence to assist in negotiations.

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