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Insights - leadership in a changing workplace

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Articles, Blogs, Videos and other items of interest relating to how Leadership style and skills need to adapt to meet the needs of the 2020's

Teambuilding without travel

Written by John Faulkes

As of mid 2020 the business world is communicating remotely. But can you run a team building event in this way, or keep people engaged with a brainstorming session? Perhaps so! Click to open

Mobile leadership series

Check out our series of articles about leading cross-functional teams - what we call 'mobile leadership'. You will find them in the cross-functional Insights section here.


Managing performance without direct authority

Written by John Faulkes

This is a video of a webinar given in the run-in to the European Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference. It highlights difficulties in contributing to the performance management of cross-functional team members. It explains the source of authority that the leader can tap into, ways to build confidence to do it properly and some useful techniques that will help. Click to begin