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Insights - Partnerships and Alliances

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Articles, Blogs, Videos and other items of interest relating working between different organisations

From Conflict to Opportunity 2 - Dealing with conflict - mindest and tactics required 

Written by John Faulkes

Dealing with conflict - you may be stuck with traditional responses -combat or avoidance. We need to think about this differently in future and do perhaps the hardest thing - get into the perspective of our opposite numbers. Open

From Conflict to Opportunity 1 - why does conflict occur and why it's important to understand this 

Written by John Faulkes

This is a series of articles about managing conflict, specifically in partnerships and alliances, but the principles apply to any team or project situation. There are three parts:

The first talks about how we may need to think through and understand that there are many reasons why you may be in conflict - and if you second guess wrongly, you can end up chasing the wrong way. Open