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Insights - Project Centric culture

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Articles, Blogs, Videos and items of interest related to enhancing an effective project-centric, cross-functional way of working 

Mobile leadership 6 - seeking sponsorship

Written by John Faulkes

There are practical ways to develop this sort of leadership mindset and skills, but internal project office / L&D people often find that making it happen is difficult; internal confusion and an unconvinced senior management means progress is slow. It's easy to talk about how to break this deadlock, harder to do it in practice. But this article at least shares a few ideas and an invitaiton to talk further . Click to Open

Mobile leadership 5 - who is your customer?

Written by Chris Williams

It is common to find that teams do not analyse their internal customers/stakeholders, which can lead to a confusion in purpose and focus. Cross-functional 'mobile' leaders should encourage and lead this activity which can break down barriers and disrupt silo-based thinking.  Click to open

Mobile leadership 4 - developing the skills

Written by John Faulkes

Cross functional leaders who have up to now worked in expert functions, are accustomed to learning more about their specialism - increasing 'depth' of knowledge. Now they must acquire more 'breadth'. They also must learn to balance seemingly conflicting mindsets and this is rarely an easy transition. We must think carefully about how we design their learning. Click to Open 

Mobile leadership 3 - what are the skills to develop commitment and trust?

Written by Chris Williams and John Faulkes

How can a leader build commitment in a cross functional team? Leaders may come into this position having a strong feel for team consensus and a harmonious working style. Yet this may not be quite enough a degree of toughness with goals is necessary and the mix of these approaches is quite difficult to achieve. See more - Click to Open


Mobile leadership 2 - what is the mindset?

Written by Mark Blanchard

What needs to change in our heads for us to be able to lead cross functional teams effectively? Sometimes we need to unbutton unbundle years of traditional thinking. No longer can we be the supreme expert. We need to act with humility but still with a drive and sharp focus on goals. Click to open.

                      Mobile Leadership 1 - why is it so important?

Written by John Faulkes

A project-centric way of working is so fundamental to the life science world, you would think that employees    would be trained in its disciplines from day one? 

This may be happening in some organisations, but in very many, it does not. 

This and subsequent articles focus on the importance of developing the critical skills needed to thrive in this environment. Something we term ‘mobile leadership’. Click to open