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Case Studies

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  • Partnership: A True Extension of HR Team

    Partnership: A True Extension of HR Team

    Innova’s partnership with a nationwide provider of energy management products and services began 10+ years ago. Our consultative methods and service-oriented support quickly outgrew the typical customer-vendor affiliation and blossomed into a true partnership with our client. As their managed service provider (MSP), Innova Consulting Group manages all aspects of their $70 million staffing spend.

  • Thinking Outside the Box to Support Onboarding Tasks

    Thinking Outside the Box to Support Onboarding Tasks

    Supplying electricity and natural gas to 680,000 customers in three Pacific Northwest states, an American energy company hired Innova to provide contingent staffing across all skill sets, with the majority of candidates needed to fill niche IT and engineering positions in the Spokane, WA region.

  • Client-Focused Supplier Summit

    Client-Focused Supplier Summit

    Innova had been managing a food and beverage client’s MSP program for over a year, when our client was acquired by a leading global food company. As part of the new, combined organization’s initiative to streamline operations, they issued an RFP to identify a single MSP solution across all North American locations.The client awarded Innova the business, based on our past success and plan for expanding our solution, which delivered the following benefits:

  • Biotech Talent Strategy

    Biotech Talent Strategy

    A mid-sized biopharma company had concerns over the quality of work being delivered by one of its analytical development groups, involved in supporting high priority late phase drug candidates. An internal audit raised a number of major issues, which needed further investigation. Innova were tasked to undertake this.

  • Global Telecoms Company seek MSP Solution

    Global Telecoms Company seek MSP Solution

    As a Six Sigma organisation, Innova engaged in detailed root cause analysis prior to implementing an effective strategy to achieve the objectives set. Cost savings of over $1 million were successfully negotiated by the Innova Consulting MSP team with suppliers, exceeding our client‘s expectations. 

  • Life Sciences Recruitment Solutions

    Life Sciences Recruitment Solutions

    A London-based biotech company specialising in cell therapies targeting cancer, spinal injuries, diabetes and cardiac danage urgently needed three roles filled across Quality, Manufacturing and Supply Chain disciplines.

  • World Leading Pharmaceutical Recruitment Solutions

    World Leading Pharmaceutical Recruitment Solutions

    One of the world leading pharma authority organizations in treatment of iron deficiency and anaemia required a senior level, hybrid medical scientific liaison and medical advisor due to expansion plans within the organization to satisfy a key appointment in their medical function.

  • Oil and Gas Company Innovative Recruitment

    Oil and Gas Company Innovative Recruitment

    A client was looking to recruit a key person to work closely with top management and create a complete internal audit structure. In order to exceed the client’s expectations, the ideal candidate needed experience that combined Oil & Gas, Managerial, Big4 and an internal audit background.  

  • Video Game Developer Recruitment Campaign

    Video Game Developer Recruitment Campaign

    Innova initiated a comprehensive sourcing campaign across the Midlands with a video gaming organisation, to ensure that a significant pool of flexible workers were available to the client, at short notice. Innova worked with the client to ensure that testers received training on protocols, bug write-up and submission procedures, ensuring information was presented in their specified format.

  • Fortune 50 American Health Insurance Firm

    Fortune 50 American Health Insurance Firm

    This client already had an RFP at an advanced stage, having just completed presentations with the finalists when they received this notice. Innova was awarded the business the following week with the commitment that we would “stand-up” a solution within this eight-week period tominimize disruption.

  • Enterprise: Technical Trainers Solution

    Enterprise: Technical Trainers Solution

    Innova’s client was rolling out a new business critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application across their business. For this project, they required circa 25 accomplished, professional trainers to work on a 6 month contract in 18 separate locations across the UK and Ireland. The role consisted of classroom based training to approximately 8-10 people per session, and required the candidate to have experience training technical, service and engineer employees. Innova placed 100% of these roles.

  • Multilingual Support Team

    Multilingual Support Team

    Volt was tasked with staffing a client’s brand new service desk (10 contractors) within a timeframe of 8 weeks. Operating from 08:00 CET till 19:00 CET, the service desk was to support all the client’s employees across the globe, apart from English speaking countries, by providing support in French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew, with all staff having the ability to also communicate effectively in English.

  • International Executive Search

    International Executive Search

    Innova carried out an international executive search for a key appointment ahead of an oncology unit opening. We used market mapping to offer the client a fresh solution and meet Servier’s challenging brief. We additionally managed the complex visa process for the client and candidate to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

  • Speed and Accuracy using established talent pools

    Speed and Accuracy using established talent pools

    Astellas required a business critical Solutions Architect; a role that was left vacant for over a month. Using established talent pools of candidates, we were able to supply a list of accurately suitable CV's within 24 hours. Due to contractors being of high calibre with good cultural fit, they move from project to project resulting in long-term benefits for the client.