Covid-19 Support

Helping our clients and employees navigate a changing landscape

Innova's long-standing commitment to the success of its clients and employees will not waver as we enter a different future under COVID-19. This unprecedented event is challenging all of us to balance new work dynamics while managing personal changes that impact our regular routines. Despite this, everyone at Innova is determined to keep our clients and employees safe while delivering the exceptional service we all expect.

This page is dedicated to delivering the latest information we have regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our clients, employees and communities. The information contained is based on what we currently know, but please understand that it is likely to change frequently and we will do our best to keep it updated. 

  • Business Continuity: We will continue to deliver the highest level of performance and service. Because the situation is different from location-to-location, business continuity plans are created by local teams and will follow both federal and state requirements.

  • Travel Policies: Local travel is restricted - please visit the Government guidelines for specific region quarantine measures.

  • Health and Safety: We have engaged in a campaign to inform, educate and drive awareness in our workforce around basic personal hygiene. We have also enhanced disinfecting schedules at our offices and continue to provide guidance to our partners on Innova's hygiene, travel and visitor policies.

  • Assessment and Notification: All of our staff are aware of the process that needs to be followed in the event that they fall ill, or come into contact with someone who is ill, in accordance with government and health service requirements.

People are the foundation of our business and we continue to be inspired by the resilience and dedication of our collective community. We want you to know that Innova supports you as we navigate this changing landscape together. During challenging times, human connection is imperative and we urge you to reach out to your local Innova representative or send us a message with any questions or concerns.

Innova is collaborating with leading clients and partners to implement best practices and precautions to promote safety and wellness in the workplace.
Innova solutions include:

Remote Recruiting: Innova utilises remote video interviewing to fully conduct
pre-screening and onboarding of candidates. We also utilise remote technology to conduct wellness screening prior to assignment, and leverage push notification technology to stay in contact with candidates and staff.

Employee Wellness: Innova provides collaborative support to our clients based on Public Health England Guidelines for workplace safety. We support client strategies for personal hygiene, staggered shifts and workplace reconfiguration to comply with government guidelines. 

Temperature Screener Staffing: Innova supports staffing for temperature screeners according to client guidelines. This includes worker temperature screening and health questionnaire to identify potential exposure to COVID-19 prior to starting a work shift. 

Environmental Sanitation Staffing: Staffing job roles to clean and sanitise work environments between shifts.