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Do's and Don'ts on the first day in a new job

Does And Don'ts Blog V2

by Charlotte Gurney

There’s no doubt that first impressions make a big difference (You have only 7 seconds to make a good impression*) and there’s no greater opportunity to do that than your first day in a new job. Nerves, not being prepared or feeling out of place can all contribute to making this a challenging experience rather than a positive one - but there is also plenty that you can do to make sure you succeed from the start. These are our top Do's and Don’ts for that exciting first day.

●      DO make sure you check what the dress code is before you arrive. Especially given the remote working conditions of the past couple of years it can be easy to get this wrong - wearing a suit to a jeans-based office or vice versa. You’re going to feel the most comfortable when you arrive if your outfit is on theme with your new colleagues. So, check this in advance and make sure you’ve got an outfit ready for the first day. 71% of interviewers say appearances are important during the interview process**

●      DO start trying to learn who people are as soon as possible. If necessary, get a floor plan and make a note of names. Try to remember names and roles so that you can start to feel like part of the team as soon as possible.

●      DO be yourself. We all find it easier to connect with peoplewho are being authentic so it’s a good idea to show up on your first day with an open, positive attitude and ready to show people who you are and what you’re really capable of.

●      DO ask questions now. It’s far better to get those embarrassing queries out while you’re the newbie than a month down the line when other people will have assumed that you’ve already settled in.

●      DON’T be late. 84% of interviewers regard lateness as the worst interview offence. (**Survey ‘Job interview Statistics’ by Standout CV March 2022) If you manage nothing else on your first day then just don’t be late, as a lot of negative assumptions can be drawn from this. Set a couple of alarms, work out your route in advance and give yourself plenty of time.

●      DON’T worry if you feel out of place. You’re new, it’s natural! Everyone feels like this on the first day in a new job and it will fade with time. You’re bound to feel a bit overwhelmed with people, information, tasks and responsibilities so just be gentle with yourself.

●      DON’T bad mouth where you’ve come from. You might have had a really difficult time with a very problematic manager or team in your previous role but it’s not a good idea to mention that on your first day in a new job. It will instantly make people wonder if you’re holding a grudge and even if you were the problem.

●      DON’T get frustrated if things feel different. Your first few days are all about getting the lay of the land and understanding how the business operates. It won’t make you popular if you get frustrated straight away and start trying to change established ideas and processes.

These are some simple ways you can ensure that you make a positive impression on your first day in a new job.

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*30 Mind Blowing interview Statistics to get you going in 2022 written by Marija Lazic January 2022.

**30 Mind Blowing interview Statistics to get you going in 2022 written by Marija Lazic January 2022.

***Survey Job Interview Statistics updated in 2022 – Standout CV