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Connor Flannigan

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Connor Flannigan

Connor Flannigan

Associate Consultant - Information Technology

Connor has worked as a PT, served his country in the Army as a Royal Engineer, worked as an Electrician and most recently work as Cabin Crew for BA.

About Connor

  • Very into his fitness, going to the gym and is a keen runner.

  • Loves to travel, Connors most recent adventure was where he spent 4 months South East Asia

  • Avid Chelsea supporter

  • Has a passion for tech building his own PC’s

  • Massive gamer – playing Destiny and COD, looking forward to the new Battlefield coming out

  • Go to takeaway is Chinese – Crispy Chilli Beef, Chicken Chow Mein and Sweet & Sour Chicken are his go to options

  • Loves music festivals not that there has been many over the past 18 months!!

Connor will be focusing on the Infrastructure and Cloud industry within the IT Division.