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Services and Solutions

Innova’s core business strategy is to deliver best in class talent, technology and consulting services to its customers

As a proven supplier of high quality staff across Europe since 1978, Innova offers clients a flexible portfolio of services underpinned by ISO 9001 quality business processes, and delivered by talented, experienced consultants who add value through a thorough understanding their specialist markets. 

Services range from the supply of contingent and permanent resources, to large scale, multi-national managed service programs delivering against diverse requirements every day. 

Innova provides the following core services: 

Contract Recruitment

Innova’s highly responsive and efficient sourcing service is ideal for clients requiring flexible responses to peak demands or specialist skills to supplement in-house expertise. Contract teams employ rigorous screening and testing processes to develop pools of pre-qualified candidates in preparation for ad-hoc supply of:

  • Individual fixed-term workers

  • Specialist teams or skills for short-term assignments or one-off projects

  • Entire project teams

  • Management of referred workers

Permanent Recruitment

Innova’s dedicated account teams provide each client with a single point of contact, so you can develop a genuine business partnership and establish a comprehensive understanding of your:

  • Future resource requirements

  • Hiring patterns

  • Corporate culture

  • Working environment

  • Business processes

Armed with this information, Innova’s teams will make excellent decisions on the suitability of candidates for your business needs.

Executive Search

To build a superior leadership team, one that drives profitability and creates a competitive advantage over your market rivals, you need to find the right people. Innova can help you do just that.
You can use us to locate and recruit the finest executive level candidates for senior roles across a wide range of industry sectors. Are you looking for agility, adaptability and diversity of experience? An understanding of the challenges of social responsibility and accountability, transparency and communication? An innovator? We work with you to define exactly who you need. Then use our exceptional skills and expertise to locate and recruit them.
You need the very best to drive your company forward. Use the best to find the best.

Statement of Work

With pre-defined goals and deliverables, all parties, whether you're talking about a team or just an individual, know what success looks like with our Statement of Work solution. An end-to-end service with full visibility over project scope, process and planning, monitoring and review, it's a flexible and cost effective answer to changing business demands with no unpleasant surprises.

Managed Service Programmes (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Innova Consulting Group (VCG) work with clients’ hiring managers, human resources and purchasing departments to take on the responsibilities associated with sourcing, managing and retaining an organisation’s entire (or divisional) contract and/or permanent workforce. Streamlining the recruitment process and giving greater visibility to the costs and effectiveness of a client's workforce are only a couple of the advantages that VCG can provide with its vendor neutral MSP offering.

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