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Interview questions you should prepare for


by Morgan McKay

Do you have an upcoming interview? Practice makes perfect and doing research on the company and role will increase the likelihood of being offered the job. Some may seem obvious, but some questions are obscure and may throw you off if you have not seen them before. See the list of questions below that you may want to think of answers for:


Questions about yourself:

  • Tell us a bit about yourself

  • What is your 5-year plan?

  • What is your 10-year plan?

  • What are your strengths?

  • What are your weaknesses?

  • What three traits would you use to describe yourself?


Questions about the role:

  • Describe your understanding of this role?

  • What skills do you think you will need for this role/what skills or qualities do you think will make a person good or successful in this role?

  • Why do you think you are suitable for this role?

  • What interests you most about this role?

  • Why should I hire you for this role?

  • What is your salary expectation?

  • What will you do in your first year in the role?


Questions about the company:

  • Tell us what you know about the company?

  • Why do you want to work for the company?

  • What originally attracted you to the company?

  • What do you think makes a good employee at the company?

  • What is the company culture?

  • What is company's values/mission?


Questions about the industry:

  • What are the latest developments in the industry?

  • Tell us about something you saw recently in the news about the industry that you found interesting and why?

  • Who are our main competitors in the industry?


Questions about motivations:

  • What motivates you?

  • Why do you want to leave your current role?

  • What is your greatest achievement to date / what are you most proud of?


Some interviews also include competency based questions. For more information on how to answer these, please click here.