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Why Work In The IT Sector?

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by Simon Lythgoe

As job sectors go, IT is one of the most exciting with the potential to work in a range of different roles, whether that’s at the cutting edge of software development, in administration or technical support. The industry is thriving, even in the face of uncertainties over Brexit and economic factors that have hit other sectors. If you’re considering working in the IT sector there are some very good reasons to make it a priority.

The industry is evolving

As the IT sector continues to evolve, this provides a wealth of opportunities for career paths within it to do so too. There are new prospects opening up in IT all the time with developments such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning constantly creating new roles and ways to evolve your career.

A broad range of opportunities

IT doesn’t just consist of one or two jobs but a whole wide range of employment openings, from support functions through to roles that revolve around web technologies or digital media. You don’t have to be a “tech geek” to find an exciting and fulfilling role in IT thanks to the extensive spectrum of job opportunities that exist.

IT is essential to many other sectors

The overlap between IT and most other sectors is now extensive so, whether you want to work in publishing or law, there will be IT expertise required. In fact, there are few other sectors that open doors to so many industries in the way that IT does. You could find yourself applying for roles in architecture, art, fashion, food or finance – the need for IT support is so crucial to most businesses today that the opportunities to cross sectors with your IT skills are endless.

Great pay and benefits

Given the demand for IT professionals it’s no surprise that the pay and benefits can be pretty attractive. The more niche your skill set – or the more specialist you are – the more likely you are to be able to command a higher salary. There is also more job security in IT than many other sectors, simply because the need for IT and IT support is unlikely to fade any time soon.

Challenges and problem solving

IT is a fast evolving industry and integrating new systems and software can create challenges for businesses across sectors. So, you’re unlikely to be bored in an IT role, which will provide you with plenty of opportunities to problem solve and make an impact.

Cutting edge tech

If you’re interested in innovation and being at the forefront of development, IT skills and experience will take you there. It’s information technology today that is breaking new ground and providing solutions that help to improve the lives of every day people. If this kind of cutting edge environment appeals to you then you’ll get plenty of job satisfaction by choosing a career in IT.

These are just a few great reasons that motivate so many people to work in the IT sector in the UK. Find out more by giving Volt a call today on 01737 774100.