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Benefits of Diversity In The Workplace

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by Simon Lythgoe

Diversity in the workplace isn’t just about filling quotas or ensuring that you have the right balance of statistics. Factors such as race, gender, age and cultural background can create an exciting and innovative workforce combination that supports a positive, thriving business culture. There are many benefits to investing in true diversity in the workplace and these are just a few of them.

A wider range of better candidates

Narrowing the potential talent pool from which you can select people to work for your business on the basis of factors such as age or race is not just legally questionable but also puts a limit on the quality of your workforce. A recruitment process that focuses on recruiting a diverse range of people opens up your business to a wider selection of candidates and improves opportunities to attract the most exceptional employees.

More opportunities for a global outlook

Whether you’re looking to seek out leads in other countries, or to expand into new territories, a more diverse workplace supports the global development of a business. This could be something as simple as having people in your organisation who speak the right language to communicate with clients or partners in target locations. Or it could be the benefits of working within a team whose diversity means that has extensive insight into the practices and traditions of other cultures. If your business has global ambitions, a more diverse team is essential.

A blend of skills and experience

The more diverse your workforce, the broader the mix of skills and experience you’re likely to enjoy. If you’re recruiting widely then employees will be able to learn from each other and the talents, skills and experiences others have that they themselves may not have acquired along their own career path. A variety of skills and outlooks gives everyone the chance to learn and grow.

A positive business culture

If your workplace is renowned for being inclusive and the atmosphere is open and accepting of differences, the culture is likely to feel, and be perceived as, much more positive. Not only will this have an impact on key factors such as employee retention but it’s likely to assist with recruitment too – attracting the best people who are looking for the most positive environment in which to work. A positive business culture increases engagement and loyalty to the business, improving both motivation and morale.

The opportunity for innovation

Diversity is essential to innovative solutions and business practices – in fact, it’s almost impossible to find it without different ideas, backgrounds, outlooks and attitudes. Innovation is often created by the collision of thoughts, skills and experiences and nowhere is this more evident than in a diverse workplace. Different strengths, perceptions and approaches can come together to create something truly exciting and exceptional.

There are many good reasons why investing in diversity in the workplace benefits businesses today. From taking steps towards a more global outlook to fostering positive business culture and innovation, it has an increasingly essential role to play.

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