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Benefits To Working As A Contractor


by Simon Lythgoe

Working as a contractor is quite different to being an employee. It’s not a lifestyle suited to everyone but if you’re looking for flexibility and freedom in your daily life it can be a great way to work. If you’re considering working as a contractor there are lots of benefits involved.

What does it take to be a contractor?

Many of those who choose to work as contractors are specialists at what they do. It’s important to enjoy working under your own steam at times but also to be able to fit in to a team situation. The most successful contractors are often those who are able to adjust and be versatile when it comes to different environments.

The benefits of working as a contractor

  • Extending expertise and experience. Being a contractor provides a wealth of opportunities to expand your skills, knowledge and experience in a way that a regular role for a single employer simply wouldn’t do. That could be working for different employers, in a range of environments and with a very broad spectrum of people.

  • Improving your network of contacts. The range of people you’ll meet in contractor roles provides many chances to increase the size of your existing contacts network, enabling the creation of opportunities that could lead to new roles in the future.

  • Enjoy a more flexible lifestyle. When you’re a contractor you have much more control over when, and how, you work. Although you may not always get holiday pay, depending on how you’re contracted, if having the flexibility to create free time when you need it is important then you could be well suited to being a contractor.

  • Change jobs when it suits you. A CV that’s full of short-term jobs can be difficult to justify for an employee – but not a contractor. So, if a varied series of roles appeals to you, as well as being able to make a move when you feel it’s necessary, working as a contractor could give you the flexibility that you need.

  • You can specialise in niche areas. As well as broadening out your skills and experience, being a contractor also offers plenty of opportunities to specialise in a niche area. The more specialised you become, the more valuable your skills are – many contractors become experts in their field and are much in demand as a result of the skills they have honed through this type of experience.

  • Work across a range of organisations. From different working cultures, to management and organisational styles, you’ll be able to learn more about the way different businesses function by working in them as a contractor.

  • Travel as you go. Depending on your industry, you may be able to travel extensively as a contractor.

  • Impressive earning potential. Many contractors are paid per hour, which means that you’re being paid for every minute of your time and also have the potential to be paid for overtime too.

These are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider working as a contractor.