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How To Assess Your Fit For An Organisation


by Simon Lythgoe

Organisational fit is essentially where the beliefs and values that an employee holds are well aligned with the business that they work for. This kind of alignment benefits both the business and the employee and creates opportunities for collaboration that can be very productive. One of the simplest ways to determine your fit for an organisation is to look at how businesses asses this essential metric.

Determining organisational fit

Most companies consider this one of the most difficult attributes to measure during the interview and assessment process. There are a range of different tests that are used to help a business identify whether a candidate’s outlook is likely to align with that of the organisation.

  • Traditional assessments. Many businesses use assessments that compare a candidate’s preference for a certain organisational culture with the actual culture at the business to see whether there is alignment between the two.

  • Collecting references. While standard references give very little away when it comes to candidate attitudes and values, many companies today now ask for something a little more in-depth. A potential employer may ask your current employer how they think you really feel about issues like flexibility and focus.

  • Informal moments. The use of informal meetings or social events is becoming more frequent for those businesses that are keen to get greater insight into how someone they’re looking at employing really feels about issues that are important to them. Lunches, dinners or drinks events, for example, can be used to see where someone’s priorities lie – i.e. is that person engaged and enthusiastic or constantly looking at their phone.

  • Video responses. The use of video during the interview process is becoming more frequent to provide genuine insight into what it’s really like to do a specific role within a certain company on a day-to-day basis. This can be very useful for candidates who are looking to understand what the job really involves and what the office is like to work in. It also enables an employer to see how someone responds to those situations.

  • Time on-site, where possible. One of the best ways to assess organisational fit is to spend time within an organisation. This isn’t always possible due to constraints of distance but where it can be set up it can be incredibly useful. You’ll get an idea of how it feels to work for the organisation and whether your views and outlook are aligned with the internal structure and culture. The recruiters within the business will be able to see how well you fit in, which can significantly strengthen your application.

  • Culture specific questions. Part of the interview process today could well include a section set up by the business to feature culture specific questions, such as “what’s your view on colleagues becoming friends.” You can ask questions of your own during interview to assess whether you’re a good organisational fit, focusing on the actual working environment and identifying the business’ vision and values that you couldn’t determine from prior research.

Being able to assess your fit with an organisation will provide a lot of insight into whether this is a role you’re likely to get the most from.