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6 Reasons Why Marketing Could Be Your Dream Career

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by Simon Lythgoe

Marketing is a dynamic and creative industry with a wealth of roles available. Whether you’re a real people person or you’re just incredibly good with words you could find a niche in this sector. In fact, these are some of the reasons why marketing could end up being your dream career.

1. Digital marketing is (still) a burgeoning industry

Online is where brands find consumers today. Vast swathes of our lives are conducted online now, from finding the perfect partner to tracking down the ideal pair of shoes. Social media is an incredibly important part of our lives and central to the marketing sector – it is changing and evolving all the time and has attracted 3.5 billion users worldwide. A role in marketing means being at the forefront of the latest developments in not only how brands reach customers but how they can manipulate user data to position products and services. Developments such as geofencing and programmatic advertising are changing how we influence customers, or look into what Cambridge Analytica did to see what the more nefarious organisations can do... I'm not suggesting that as a career path :-)

2. A mix of creative, tech and media

Working in marketing today provides a huge variety of experiences. From getting to grips with apps, algorithms and social platforms, to producing creative content for websites, the scope of skills that can be tested by it is broad. New markets are appearing all the time demanding new solutions that are likely to provide fresh opportunities to acquire and try out additional skills.  But that doesn't mean some of the more artisan skills aren't still valued, and an eye for design, free-hand illustration and a knowledge of print media havent gone the way of the Dodo yet.

3. The human element

If you’re in any way a people person then marketing really could be your dream career. There are lots of different ways in which you can use being a skilled communicator in this role. For example, understanding people and what makes them tick can be an essential insight when it comes to shaping marketing strategy and designing campaigns. Communication is also key at many different levels throughout a marketing career, from managing a team of people to handling customers and clients.

4. Every organisation needs marketing today

Marketing has become an essential component in success for every organisation, whether private or public. That means there are opportunities to work everywhere, from government departments to charities, banks and high street retailers. Not only are you always likely to be able to find an interesting role but there are opportunities across a variety of locations and industries too.

5. Flex your creative muscle

If you are passionate and creative with a flair for innovation you can take great strides in marketing roles. This is an industry that really welcomes new ideas and people who are willing and able to find new perspectives and approaches.

6. Carve out a stellar career path

Whether you work on the client side or the agency side, marketing provides opportunities to create a fulfilling and exciting career. Client side involves working within a business on its specific marketing needs while agency is about being part of an organisation providing marketing services to a range of other organisations. Plus, with the skills and connections you acquire, you can explore other options too, from moving into consultancy and project management to PR and event management.

Working in marketing is a dream job for many people. From the communications aspect to the innovative and creative responsibilities, it provides a varied, challenging and exciting career which can take you all over the world.  I can happily say it's been my dream job for the past two decades.