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More Projects starting in UK than ever before, however Brexit may have an effect.

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by Angel Gaskin

In a recent report by ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry), it has been revealed that the UK rank 1st in Europe and 3rd globally as far as new phase I trials are concerned, and 1st in Europe and 2nd globally with Phase II studies.

As you would expect Oncology trials lead the way, with an average of 201 new trials started each year since 2012. Although Europe is still heavily investing in new research, it has been revealed that the market is facing competition from countries such as China and Brazil who are emerging in trials with in heart disease, immunology and conditions affecting the nervous system, although UK still ranks second globally in these therapeutic areas.

Surprisingly, the UK falls down the rankings with later stage studies placing 5th globally and 3rd Europe in Phase 3 trials where they are behind USA, Germany, Spain and Canada. USA lead the way globally in all Phases and show no signs of slowing down.

ABPI are unsure how Brexit will affect clinical trials and have urged the government to secure future UK-EU relationship within medicine and research, as this will help UK keep its heathy standing within industry and ensure regulatory and research alignment.