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New year, New Job?

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by Simon Lythgoe

January 2020 isn’t just the start of a new year it’s also the beginning of a fresh decade. For many people, that’s all the inspiration that is required to start down a new path in life. Whether you’re looking for a complete career change or just to move on to better things within your existing sphere of expertise, the start of the year could be the perfect time to do it.

If you want a new job in January, start looking now

What many people don’t realise is that the hiring process for January is frequently completed well before. So, if you want to move on to new things at the start of the year you need to begin the process much earlier. Many companies will already be calculating headcount for 2020 and will look to complete recruitment before the Christmas break begins. This isn’t always the case – there could be a flood of new roles in January too – but if you’re really committed to moving on at the start of the year it’s well worth getting the process started now.

What do you want to do next?

The desire for change is good but it’s also important to work out why you need a change and what you want that change to look like. This might mean examining your existing role and identifying where the problems arise. Do you feel unchallenged on a daily basis, are you bored with your work or do you feel like the company’s culture and values don’t align with your own? Are you keen to switch to a role that involves more time away from your desk, more travel or working as part of a larger team? Before you start the process of searching for a new job it’s a good idea to outline what you want that new role to look like.

Get ready to move

Given the time pressures that recruitment can be under at this time of year, it’s important that you’re ready to act quickly if an opportunity does arise. Timelines can be much shorter if those involved are keen to get contracts signed before Christmas so make sure you’re prepared.

  • Update your CV so that it reflects your current skills and experience. 

  • Tailor the CV to the business you want to work for and/or the role you’re keen to get.

  • Do plenty of research online, both in terms of the companies you want to work for and the role that you’re applying for. 

  • Practice doing interviews with friends or family, both video interviews and in person.

  • Make sure you know what your existing responsibilities are – i.e. how much notice would you need to give to leave your current job.

  • Find a good recruitment partner who understands your goals for 2020 and how quickly you are looking to accomplish them.

If you want to mark the start of the new year with a new job then now is the time to begin the process of finding that dream role.