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20 Favourite Employee Perks and Benefits

Happy Employee

by Paul Ford

Candidates today don’t just look for competitive pay and opportunities for advancement when it comes to an employer. Benefits and perks – as part of a package and integrated into office life - have an increasingly significant part to play when it comes to attracting the best talent. These are some of the most popular.

  1. Wellness focused food and drink. We are all more health conscious today and making wholesome food, drink and snacks available on-site can be a big incentive for those who want to work hard but stay healthy too.

  2. On-site learning and development. Provide employees with opportunities to learn and develop existing skills – online courses and visiting experts can offer staff essential tools to continue to learn and grow.

  3. Uncapped holidays. Opportunities for more time off are hugely appealing to employees today. Many businesses operate a system where staff can earn additional holidays with no maximum cap.

  4. Financial options. Make it easier for staff to manage their finances, whether that’s installing an ATM in the office or negotiating deals for your staff with local providers on financial products, such as savings accounts.

  5. Integrate music. Provide desk access to a streaming service – music can improve focus and reduce anxiety.

  6. Branded products. Having quality branded items around, such as water bottles, increases team feeling and can incentivise potential new hires.

  7. Wellness facilities. This could be something as simple as a meditation room, bike park at the office or a small gym – this is a perk that many employees look for today.

  8. Host classes. Bring in local experts to run classes in yoga, spin, running or HIIT, for example, so that your team don’t have to go off-site to meet fitness goals.

  9. Extra insurance. Insurance is a cost that no one likes paying for. Offer additional insurance as part of a benefits package, such as pet or extreme sports insurance, to attract more talent.

  10. Create a games room. Somewhere for employees to let off steam indicates a positive and supportive culture that will attract focused employees.

  11. Connections with local clubs. Work with local organisations that could come in and provide opportunities for staff development, whether that’s acquiring gardening skills or learning the art of public speaking.

  12. Make flexible working a priority. Establish a clear and simple way for employees to access it.

  13. Allow for volunteering. Giving something back as a volunteer can build confidence and happiness in staff – reward those who do it with time off in lieu.

  14. Bring essential services on site. Whether it’s a free dry cleaning pick up or a hairdresser, on-site access to this type of service can make employees’ lives a lot easier.

  15. Fund external learning and development. Provide a financial contribution to a college course or industry certification so that your staff can develop as they choose to.

  16. Be generous with leave. Whether that’s parental or caregiver, you’ll attract great talent if you offer flexible leave options that accommodate life.

  17. Run regular team events. Bonding over challenges or sport can boost engagement and creates a community that many employees value highly.

  18. Establish a reading room. Make resources available for employees to use to learn, from business books to industry magazines.

  19. Try out a new parent room. Employees with a new baby can use it for breastfeeding or just having a quiet moment of calm.

  20. Have a regular company-wide event. Encourage people to get together for food or activities to support a more cohesive culture across the organisation.

These are just some of the perks and benefits that will make your business even more appealing to potential staff.