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Trends Gazelles 2020 - Volt Nomination

Trends Gazelles   Edit

by Paul Ford

Prestigious and respected Belgian business magazine ‘Trends’ has announced its nominations for the Trends Gazelles 2020 awards. These awards are made to celebrate companies that have achieved the highest ratios of growth over a five year period, looking specifically at headcount, cashflow and turnover. By doing so, they ensure that this is not a reward for overnight success that would, most likely, fade just as quickly. It’s a reward for sustained achievement.

We are therefore incredibly pleased and proud that Volt Europe in Belgium has been nominated, rubbing shoulders with automotive powerhouse Mercedes-Benz, internet giant Google and fashion retail leaders Zara, H&M and Louis Vuitton.

This is deserved recognition for the hard work, care, drive and determination we’ve seen from Rodrigo Sosa and his team in Belgium. Our new office in Ghent opened a year ago, a positive statement of intent in an uncertain business environment, and key team members such as Aurelie Dombret, David Goemann, Valeria Bonaccorso, Monica Ilunga and Alessandra Dorato continue to take challenges and make them into opportunities.

The winner of the national Trends Gazelles 2020 will be announced on the 1st April.