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Top 10 Benefits of using a Staffing, Recruitment & Consultancy Agency

Top 10 Benefits

by Charlotte Gurney

The right people are essential to any business. However, finding them can be a big challenge when this is handled entirely in-house, especially under the current global pandemic. As we look ahead to the future, working with a staffing and recruitment agency is an alternative that offers many benefits. Volt are here to support you now and beyond.

1. Quality candidates

Statistically, you’re much more likely to have access to better quality talent if you’re working with a staffing and recruitment agency. That’s because agencies have extensive candidate networks and the most proactive jobseekers will go out and register with an agency as soon as they are looking for a new role.

2. Save time

The first stage of recruitment often means dealing with a vast number of applications, many of which are totally unsuitable. With the support of a consultant you can let the professionals handle the first round of vetting to save your team time.

3. Streamline according to skill set

When you’re looking for a specific candidate, with a specific skill set, it can be frustrating having to push through a high volume of applications that just aren’t right. Working with a recruitment agent means that only those who are actually appropriate for the role will be shortlisted.

4. Expertise

Staffing and Recruitment consultants are genuine experts who understand their market and know how to match the right person to the right role in the right organisation. This high level expertise isn’t usually something that in-house recruitment teams can match, simply due to lack of depth and breadth of experience. Volt's leadership team have over 200 years combined industry experience.

5. Salary insight

Recruiters have a broad perspective on what is currently considered to be “market” when it comes to salaries. This insider knowledge can be incredibly useful for businesses looking to pitch financial packages at the right level to attract the best candidates without overspend.

6. Seasonal flexibility

If your business has recruitment needs that change with the seasons, working with a recruitment agency provides a quick and easy way to find the right staff to fulfill those needs to help find temporary support during the busiest times.

7. Access to resources

Staffing and Recruitment agencies have access to national jobs boards and a wide range of other resources where you’ll be able to find extensive talent to fill your requirement needs. These networks and resources can be difficult to manage, and expensive for an individual business, so access via a recruitment agency is often more effective and cost efficient.

8. Doing the hard work for you

The expertise and experience that staffing and recruitment agencies can bring to the table when it comes to finding the right candidates means that your team is freed up to add value elsewhere.

9. Knowledge

From recent changes to employment legislation to the new platforms and techniques that are being developed to find the best people, working with a recruitment agency ensures that you’re in the know.

10. Value added service

Depending on what your business needs, staffing and recruitment agencies may be able to add extra value, such as providing psychometric testing that can be costly to source independently. Volt Consulting Group provide many solutions, one being bespoke MSP, they work with fortune 100 clients to SME's around the world, therefore the team understand the challenges faced by organisations to mitigate risk and remain operationally resilient under current external factors.

There are some great benefits to working with staffing and recruitment agencies, both operationally and when it comes to recruitment and staffing outcomes.
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