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How Covid-19 has affected the recruitment drive for tech professionals

Tech Jobs

by Charlotte Gurney

A nationwide shift to remote working is one factor that has defined the workplace in the era of COVID-19. For many this has meant an urgent review of existing practices and infrastructure and a need to update operations to take into account the new normal. So, how has this seismic change affected the recruitment drive for tech professionals?

Sectors supporting remote working

At Volt International we have noticed an unsurprising trend, that those tech sectors that are essential to support remote working have seen some of the biggest recruitment drives since the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold. This has included industries such as SaaS and VoIP and Telecommunications. Tech roles connected to healthcare have also seen a huge rise in demand, from technology infrastructure in hospitals to those roles connected to healthcare supply chain and logistics.

Key roles where there has been a recruitment drive

Drilling down further into the changes resulting from COVID-19, there are some specific roles and skill sets that are now much more in demand than they were previously and Volt International are working with those organisations to source the best candidates. These roles include:

  • Cloud and infrastructure jobs Given the mass exodus to remote working, cloud and infrastructure skills are in demand across almost every industry as well as within services such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Given the importance that remote working will continue to have for the foreseeable future it’s likely that tech professionals with these skills will remain in demand as businesses try to figure out how to function best going forward.

  • Data Even before the pandemic hit, data science was an increasingly important area for many businesses looking to recruit new talent. Now, it has renewed relevance, not just when it comes to modelling the impact of the crisis but also with respect to informing decision making on key issues such as a return to work and how to manage marketing strategy and spend going forward. The ability to handle and analyse data at speed is going to be a crucial skill and one that is highly valued in tech professionals, now and in the months and years to come.

  • Security As the working world went online at the start of the pandemic, hackers and cyber criminals went into overdrive. There have been reports of increased hacks on home workers and a spate of phishing attacks designed to use the COVID-19 crisis as a cover for crime. As a result, cyber security skill sets are in huge demand to help protect business systems and turn remote working employees into security assets not vulnerabilities.

  • Change management COVID-19 has created conditions of unprecedented uncertainty and this could continue for some time as government decisions are made – and unmade – and the trajectory of the virus shifts. As a result, the number of change management professionals required is increasing significantly to help businesses navigate these troubling and uncertain times.

Although many industries are currently suffering as a result of COVID-19 for professionals in the tech sector there are opportunities to take steps forward in a career and contribute to the handling of the crisis at the same time.

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