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Volt Consulting Group Hiring Manager Survey Results

Vcg Customer Service V5

by Charlotte Gurney

Hiring managers from the clients of Volt Consulting Group (VCG) were invited to participate in a survey. The results assist VCG in identifying opportunities to maintain or improve aspects of their service with VCG hiring managers. 

Questions were grouped into the following four categories, and this infographic features some highlights from the results:
Speed | Quality | Compliance | Cost

100% agreed that the MSP provides a responsive and efficient service
85% agreed that the MSP saves them time
95% agreed that their requests are filled in a timely manner

98% agreed that they are happy with the MSP service
94% agreed that the MSP provides them with quality temporary workers

93% agreed that the MSP helps to keep them compliant

95% agreed that the MSP provides contractors with competitive rates

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