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Addressing the Talent Shortfall in Cell and Gene Therapy Recruitment

Cell And Gene Theropy Recruitment

by Charlotte Gurney

As a young and innovative industry, the cell and gene therapy sector is an exciting place to be today. We are seeing cutting edge developments, evolution beyond previous imaginings and great potential to influence the scientific outcomes of the future. The industry is also facing the same issues as any new sector often does, primarily when it comes to a shortage of talent. So, how can this been addressed to ensure that the organisations working in cell and gene therapy recruitment have the resources to continue to thrive?

Where is the talent shortfall?

In cell and gene therapy it is right across the sector. The demand for talent far outstrips supply today, especially when it comes to people who are not just intellectually equipped to work in cell and gene therapy but experienced and qualified too. Talent shortages exist right across the industry and at every level of seniority, from technicians and engineers to manufacturers and executives. There are some positive initiatives in place to support development in this industry but talent still remains a key issue. While hundreds of CGT businesses are popping up in this space - and many securing new investment –the issue remains finding the right people to help drive a business forward.

Addressing the talent shortfall

At Volt International, within our Life Sciences practice we have seen competition for talent is high – it’s very much a candidate’s market in the CGT sector right now. There are steps that any business can take to stand out as an employer with a lot to offer, including:

  • Speed up the recruitment process If you want to ensure that you don’t lose talent to another organisation that is moving faster then speed up recruitment. Go straight from application to interview and don’t wait for COVID-19 restrictions to ease before going through onboarding processes.
  • Make sure you have defined your business’ USP What is it that makes the business unique and will represent opportunity to a potential candidate? That could be cutting edge technology and facilities, the business culture or offering a candidate an equity share in the business.
  • Offer an appealing package Given recent events it is a difficult time for many businesses to start writing big cheques. However, bear in mind that the more attractive the salary and benefits package you can offer the more likely you are to get a wider range of applicants.
  • Work on retention You may be missing opportunities to develop people internally if you’re only focused on recruiting from the outside. Would an investment in training help to bring some people up and fill the skills gap currently within the business?
  • Partner with a specialist agency Volt International is an expert in Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical recruitment and our team have an in-depth understanding of CGT. This is key when it comes to finding the right people and adding value to the recruitment process whether via a contract, retained search or permanent contingency model.

Cell and gene therapy is a burgeoning area with a bright future – addressing the talent shortfall is key for any organisation looking to optimise potential.

If you are looking for a recruitment specialist in the Life Sciences then get in touch with us as we partner the world’s leading Pharmaceutical and Life Science Organisations