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IT Industry demand for skilled IT Candidates

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by Charlotte Gurney

Even before COVID-19 the IT industry was one of the most vibrant and fast moving sectors of the global economy. In the past few months, as IT infrastructure has moved to the top of the agenda for almost every business, the demand for skilled IT candidates has continued to rise. Given the pace of change driving the sector it’s perhaps no surprise that there are skills gaps in some of the areas most in demand, which represent opportunities for those looking to advance, or enter, the industry for the first time – and challenges for businesses keen to find the best people.

An increase in the roles available

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has transformed working practices and put IT infrastructure and tools at the heart of ensuring business continuity even when entire workforces are operating remotely. However, this is not the only reason why demand for candidates within the IT industry continues to rise. Technological change is moving at a fast pace, whether that’s the Internet of Things or innovation such as 3D printing. This is creating the need for skilled candidates across a whole wide range of different areas, from IT managed services to bioinformatics and application support. Businesses now need to consider how and where people might make operations more effective and efficient, whether that is in helping to manage complex data networks or integrating cloud services.

Demand across the economy

There is also an increase in the need for skilled IT candidates outside of the more obvious roles. For example, as we move into the era of smart factories and offices, businesses need to bring people on board who have the skills and insight to be able to implement the infrastructure and systems architecture to get the most from these investments. From server engineers to 3D printer specialists IT support engineers to those who have IoT or fast transfer data experience a whole range of different roles is opening up as organisations seek to evolve.

Smart, bespoke solutions

For most enterprises now is a critical time in terms of team building. The right people can not only enable a business to thrive but bring innovation and strategic insight that create greater opportunities to make IT infrastructure and systems architecture work more effectively. For most businesses that means quickly finding talented candidates for the most pressing roles. Currently, for example, candidates with skills in Data Analytics, Cybersecurity or Digital Transformation are in significant demand. However, the range of opportunities is incredibly broad, from RPA and robotics to Service Delivery and IT Management. Organisations are looking for bespoke talent solutions and that means a wide spectrum of contracts, including those for executives and contingency workers, as well as temporary or permanent positions.

The current situation represents a great opportunity for talented IT candidates looking to make a smart next move. Constant evolution within the IT sector as well as the increased need for improved infrastructure and performance means that demand remains high across the IT industry for those who have the right skills and experience.

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