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Why engineering workforce providers are essential for the future economy

Engineering Recruitment

by Charlotte Gurney

There are many benefits to using a workforce solutions provider to manage hiring for your business, from improving time efficiency for those involved in recruitment to minimising costs. However, not every workforce solutions provider is the same or can offer a level of insight and expertise that will ensure you get the results that you’re looking for.
When it comes to organisations in the engineering sector, working with a specialist consultancy can be transformative, both in terms of experience and results. Afterall its an industry sector vital for the UK economy. Demand for Engineers in the UK will generate £27 billion per year for the UK’s economy from 2022. Meeting this demand engineering organisations will need 182,000 people per year with engineering skills up to 2022.

3 key reasons to choose a specialist engineering workforce solutions provider:

Benefit from genuine industry insight Engineering is a large and complex sector that encompasses many different businesses and a wide range of roles. Navigating hiring into engineering can be complex and you’re unlikely to get the best service from a recruitment consultancy without specialist experience. Recruiters whose niche is engineering are focused on this market every day and always talking about topics, trends and the people within it. A wealth of experience can mean you’re fully supported when it comes to candidate hires, whether they are straightforward or require greater exploration of transferable skills and cultural compatibility.

Contacts and networks Especially during times of skills shortages it’s highly likely that generalist recruiters who are looking for talent are all going to go to the same place. This can result in serious competition for the few available candidates and not much leverage for organisations during the hiring process. A specialist workforce solutions provider has access to the same jobs boards and online resources but will also have an extensive internal database that is dedicated to engineering talent. Specialist recruitment consultancies spend years nurturing connections and networks to ensure that client businesses have access to a whole wealth of engineering talent that simply won’t be available to those without the contacts. This can open up many more options when it comes to finding the right people to fill roles and provide more choice with respect to how hiring is handled.

Brand reputation Today, the hiring process and the way it is handled contributes to how your brand is perceived in the market. If you’re working with an unknown recruitment consultancy that demonstrates little industry insight during the hiring process this can be a negative experience for candidates. A specialist workforce solutions provider will have a deep understanding of the industry that your potential employees are already working in, as well as their needs and expectations during the hiring process. This type of recruitment partner is more likely to have a well established reputation that could contribute to attracting candidates to the role and be able to handle hiring in a way that reflects well on your business too. It will also make recruitment much easier because a specialist engineering workforce solutions provider has already established trust and credibility within the market.

Working with a specialist engineering workforce solutions provider and consultancy is a great move for organisations that are keen to attract the best talent. At present there is a 55,000 skilled engineering shortfall that needs to be addressed, so simplifying the process itself to ensuring access to a wide range of candidates you need to rely on a trusted partner that has vast experience in the engineering sector. There are many benefits to a specialist recruitment partner, so get in touch with Volt International today to find out how we can support your organisation: