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The Global Demand for Cyber Security Recruitment


by Charlotte Gurney

The COVID-19 crisis has created an unpredictable environment within recruitment and one that has moved often without warning. Cyber security recruitment is one area where this has been particularly obvious, especially given the huge shift to remote working since the lockdown began. So what does this mean for cyber security recruitment both now and after the crisis has passed?

An inevitable increase in demand

As workplaces across the UK switched to remote working earlier this year the demand for cyber security skills shot up. This was particularly due to the use of new systems and methods of working – use of Zoom increased by 500+% in just one month, for example – and also because hackers and cyber criminals began rolling out COVID-19 related attacks. One attack targeted those looking for information about COVID-19 statistics – those viewing a map were asked to download malicious software to get the data and this compromised devices and leaked personal information. There is widespread acknowledgement that remote working has made many businesses more vulnerable and this has kicked cyber security issues right to the top of the agenda.

Secure remote working will remain a priority

There are few organisations likely to completely abandon remote working once COVID-19 is no longer a factor. There are many benefits to this way of working for both businesses and staff and the threat of future similar crisis situations may be enough to ensure that remote working remains an integral part of the way businesses function going forward. This requires an attitude shift within an organisation. From stress testing servers to ensure they can cope with large proportions of the workforce being at home to ensuring a quality virtual private network is being used to protect the company’s IT networks by using an encrypted connection, there is a lot to consider.

After the initial surge in demand for cyber security talent we have seen an inevitable levelling off in recent weeks. It’s likely that any drop in the need for cyber security talent is going to be temporary. Conversations with CISOs, CIOs and CEOs reveal that there is a focus on finding new ways of working and technology is going to be at the heart of this. Most recognise that switching to new systems and processes increases risks and that these will need to be dealt with by employing the right cyber security talent.

Cyber security recruitment has gone through a number of different shifts and changes as the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed. There is more to come but the ultimate outcome is likely to be one of increased overall demand.

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