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Staffing Solutions in Singapore - roles and skills that are in most demand by employers and why

Staffing Solutions In Singapore

by Charlotte Gurney

COVID-19 has created waves in the business world and there is no escaping the fact that this has had an impact in Singapore. Predictably, some industries have suffered more than others – travel, for example, took a huge hit as a result of worldwide lockdowns and retail and trade suffered similarly at the end of the first quarter of the year. However, not only is there still staffing needs in Singapore, despite the trouble that the pandemic has created, but some sectors have actually seen an up rise in employment.

Ongoing demand for jobs in Singapore despite the pandemic

While some businesses have seen many redundancies, COVID-19 has actually accelerated hiring in other industries. Technology is an area where this has been particularly obvious. Even prior to the pandemic, Singapore had a huge demand for tech skilled candidates. According to local research the technology sector in Singapore required another 60,000 people even prior to the pandemic but the local education system was producing just 2,800 ‘infocomm’ graduates a year leaving a huge shortfall. Roles for those who have the skills to work on robotics projects, programming or UX design or who want to be in-house within teams contributing on cyber security, cloud and engineering or are still plentiful in Singapore. Public cloud infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation all remain thriving areas and many have seen an increase in demand as a result of the shift to a more digital way of living that COVID-19 has triggered. Banks, insurtechs and fintechs, for example, have all accelerated their digital offerings and these projects need to be peopled with those who have the right skills.

Other Top jobs in Singapore

Despite the impact of the pandemic there are four key sectors still expected to thrive through 2020 – mining and construction, transport and utilities, public administration and education and finance, insurance and real estate. Demand has remained throughout the pandemic and is likely to start spiking again as the situation settles further. However, it is the tech sector where there is going to be the most significant demand and the top jobs will be those such as: data engineer, cyber security expert, specialist in artificial intelligence and robots, backend developer and full stack engineer, data scientist and many more roles that are focused on IT development and the relationships between products, customers, partners and communities.

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