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How to efficiently manage talent spend for businesses within Engineering, IT and Life Sciences

Managing Talent Spend

by Charlotte Gurney

Effective talent management is crucial for the development of any business. Without this, there may be no real succession planning in place, poor workforce management and the rate of staff attrition as a result can be high. Focusing on talent management can make the day-to-day experience that your employees have with your business a much more positive one, resulting in a more engaged workforce that is primed to perform better and much less likely to move on quickly and leave you with a whole new swathe of recruitment costs. In this article we’ll be looking at the best way to manage spend for this essential function of any business, focusing on the Engineering, Life Sciences and Information Technology sectors.


The Engineering sector is global and currently facing some significant challenges whether that’s with respect to supply chains or integrating technology to improve outcomes and drive growth. You need the right people in this industry and finding them can be expensive and time consuming. One of the simplest solutions here is to choose a partner like Volt, which specialises in recruiting senior technical engineering and manufacturing specialists for niche positions across the sector. With specifically targeted searches and a genuine in-depth knowledge of the industry your talent spend can be targeted where it is likely to reap the greatest rewards.

Life Sciences

Talent management in Life Sciences often comes down to networks and connections. Volt has more than 15 years’ experience in this industry and has developed strong links with world leading Pharmaceutical and Life Science organisations. The team has also nurtured expertise that ensures there is a deep understanding of the full development cycle, combining technical knowledge and exceptional experience to ensure that you get the most from the talent investment that you make by identifying the right people for your business. Importantly, Volt offers a consultative and flexible approach to the hiring process that makes it much easier for your business to keep tabs on talent spend and analyse where this is delivering the right return on investment.

Information Technology

How do you harness the enormous potential that IT has for any business today while also ensuring that your talent spend is well directed and cost effective? The answer is to put those resources in the hands of experts who can help you to manage the workforce flexibly, whether that’s via permanent or contract roles in a variety of areas, from governance to architecture and networks. Innovation is a crucial driver in the IT sector and this is something that Volt invests heavily in too, providing creative solutions that are bespoke to the needs of clients so that every resource spent goes into strengthening talent management within the business, both now and in the future.

If you want to improve the way that you handle talent management spend within your business the most efficient way to do this is to partner with a specialist and experienced organisation like Volt -