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Most employees would agree, payroll is an unavoidable burden, but it doesn’t have to be your burden

Payroll Partner Solutions

by charlotte gurney

No organisation can function without payroll. However, this is frequently a complex process and one that can be even more difficult to deal with if you have a range of employees who are on different contracts. It’s an unavoidable function but doesn’t necessarily have to feel like a burden, especially if the basic mechanics of payroll are taken out of your hands.

Payroll partner solutions

Volt is an award winning global workforce solution provider with an in-depth understanding of how functions such as payroll can be a challenge. We have spent 70+ years working with organisations looking to streamline the way that recruitment is handled across a range of specialist practices, including Engineering and Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Information Technology to name a few. This frequently includes providing payroll partner solutions as part of a broader contract.

The benefits of our approach

Volt’s payroll contract solutions are delivered via a proven commercial and governance model and are designed to offer the opportunity for real savings. These services include those that relate to supplier management, candidate processing, time and expense keeping and onboarding checklists. The basic principles of the way that the service is structured have a number of benefits, including:

Simplicity – the model is designed to provide clear savings, control over budget and contingent workers pay rates.

An individually tailored solution – the payroll service that is offered by Volt is a bespoke solution that can be adjusted to fit with the needs of the business as and when they change.

An innovative approach – streamlined digital delivery of services makes life easier for everyone these days. This is a payroll option that optimises the potential technology has to be experience changing, including using intelligent dashboards and extensive workforce planning.

Tried and tested – Volt has incredible breadth of experience when it comes to dealing with contingent workers and this has fed through into the way that the payroll contract solution has been designed. Compliance and risk management, for example, have been factored in throughout.

High quality delivery – in line with the standards that Volt pursues throughout every area of its business, payroll contract solutions are delivered so as to ensure a first class contingent worker experience.

Why choose Volt as your payroll partner?

In addition to the benefits of the payroll services themselves there are also many advantages to partnering with an award-winning global organisation like Volt. The firm pays careful attention to the way that accounts are handled, focusing on a single entry point to ensure maximum customer service. This aligns with the driving force behind the business, which is the development of ongoing relationships, as opposed to a transactional approach. Volt is an innovative business using the latest tools to help ensure efficiency and high standards of service delivery, as well as focusing on team diversity and employing people who are passionate about what they do.

While payroll is a task that any business must conquer it’s not one that needs to be a burden when you have the right support in place.

Contact Volt today to find out how we can support your organisation with your payroll solutions: