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What organisations need in a workforce solutions provider to deliver brand success

Branding Success

by Charlotte Gurney

Branding is key in increasing traction and credibility in business, no matter what industry you are in. When a brand is successfully implemented this can optimise hiring and have a positive impact right across the organisation. Working with a workforce provider to deliver smart staffing solutions and a recruitment process that supports your business brand is essential if you want to ensure success.

Brand value

There are many factors that indicate that elements of an organisations brand are caught up in what candidates are looking for when they seek out new opportunities. For example, 79% of jobseekers will look at a company’s mission statement before making an application. As well as helping to attract the best candidates, make your hiring more competitive and highlight the positives of your business culture, supporting your organisation's brand and the brand personality can also ensure staff are a better fit and easier to retain and act as an incentive to work for your business that is as powerful as benefits and salary.

How can staffing solutions better support brand success?

There is a common misconception that external staffing solutions are an unnecessary expense when it comes to hiring. However, whether or not you’re already focused on developing a business brand they can be a crucial tool in the ongoing battle to ensure that your business has the best people going forwards. This is especially so as we begin to see workforces become much more diverse with a range of temporary and contract positions being necessary alongside the more permanent roles. There are a number of ways in which external staffing solutions can benefit the business and the brand:

Optimising available time
Whether you are struggling to find the right people without hours of extensive research or have so many CV's to sift through that your staff are being taken away from their jobs to do it, external staffing solutions provide an obvious way to optimise this process. Expertise, well established systems and a wealth of experience mean that external specialists can achieve your goals much more quickly and effectively than retaining this process in-house.

More intuitive staffing options
Especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a need for more flexibility in businesses where employment is concerned. Being more responsive to circumstances may mean reducing the number of permanent staff and creating a different kind of workforce that has been optimised to ensure every bit of spend counts. This is something that is difficult to manage in-house but which can be very effectively handled by an external specialist.

Taking care of the details
Especially when it comes to temporary or permanent staff there can be a lot of details to cover. If you are partnering with an external workforce solutions specialist then these often aren’t your responsibility so there is far less risk of something essential being missed.

Brand success is made up of many different elements today but people are a big component.
The right staffing solutions can help ensure that your workforce and hiring processes are an asset that support your broader brand overall – this is where Volt can help, contact us today: