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Supporting professional contractors (perm & temp) every step of the way

Supporting Prof Contractors

by Charlotte Gurney

The emergence of the gig economy has provided a wealth of new opportunities for those looking to structure their lives as professional contractors. Whether on a permanent or temporary basis there is now an increasing market for highly skilled independent workers. Changing attitudes to working with contractors, as well as the impact of the pandemic in 2020, has meant that demand for these professionals is growing and a very wide range of opportunities now exists. Whether permanent or temporary, Volt International provides support for professional contractors every step of the way.

Joining the UK’s contractor market

The ‘gig economy’ in the UK was expanding even before the pandemic hit and businesses began looking for greater flexibility where recruitment was concerned. Some estimate that this economy is already worth £40 billion a year and demand has increased in recent months, not just for more flexible arrangements but for the expertise and experience that a professional contractor can bring to any situation. Volt International has worked successfully with temporary and permanent contractors for years and has an acute understanding of what it means to provide support to this sector of the economy. Key to this is personal development.

What does personal development look like for contractors?

Personal development sits outside of the set career paths and training strategies that many employees use to guide them in-house. Instead, the process of being a contractor is in itself a learning experience and there are a number of other factors that may have an important role to play.

- Making use of personal development resources. Employees only have the choice of resources selected for them by an employer. For the professional contractor this range is much wider. It could include government run courses, subscriptions to industry magazines and books, professional body membership, trade-specific courses or working with industry coaches and mentors.

- Creating a personal development plan. For a professional contractor personal development is entirely up to the individual and having a plan in place can be crucial. This should focus on opportunities for development as well as the areas where the contractor feels they currently have weaknesses that could be converted into strengths. It should also contain a roadmap of what an individual contractor wants development to look like in the coming months and years, incorporating any likely peaks and troughs in working experience. The personal development plan should also set out the financial investment that may be required in this process.

- Regular review and updating. Personal development is a continuous journey for a professional contractor and one that needs to be regularly reviewed to ensure that the plan is still aligned with the objectives and goals that were initially established for a career.

Volt works with professional contractors looking to develop a satisfying career whether through permanent or temporary positions within a variety of industries. We support all those we work with every step of the way. 

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