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Why outsourcing contractors in Engineering & Manufacturing, Life Sciences and IT will save your business money

Save Businesses Money

by Charlotte Gurney

It’s a challenging year for business but even in times of crisis there are opportunities to thrive. If you’re willing to take innovative decisions then you can often make changes that benefit your business in the long term. Outsourcing is one of those decisions that can save your business a lot of money. When it comes to IT, life sciences, engineering and manufacturing, your organisation could be much more cost effective if you opt for outsourcing.

Business reasons to consider outsourcing

In general, there are a lot of very convincing business reasons to opt for outsourcing if cost is a major concern for you right now. These include being able to get work done at a much lower price and avoid the commitment and cost of permanent contracts. You can mitigate risks better by outsourcing and you may also find that this frees up resources you can pour into other areas of the business where they are most needed. Plus, outsourcing can give your business access to specialists and the kind of skills and experience that it may not be possible to bring on board in-house. In addition to the general benefits of outsourcing there are some specific advantages for these key sectors too:

Information Technology
Outsourced IT means that you pay for what you use and your business isn’t wasting money on a full service IT team during the times when this kind of support just isn’t necessary. If you’re using outsourced contractors for IT you can still enjoy 24/7 remote monitoring, effective disaster recovery and strategic planning you just won’t have to pay full time salaries to achieve it. It’s also worth bearing in mind that outsourced IT provides consistency that is sometimes not available with an in-house team due to sickness, holiday etc.

Life Sciences
Outsourcing supports life sciences businesses when it comes to responding to operational and regulatory challenges that can be difficult to handle with an in-house team alone. This could be scaling quickly, for example, to get ready for commercialisation or being able to respond swiftly to regulatory change and the demands this places on the business. Outsourcing can also provide support for key areas, from security to HR.

Engineering and Manufacturing
In the engineering sector, outsourced contractors can mean you have access to specialities that may not be central to your core business. It’s much more cost effective to hire these in when necessary than to create a permanent contract to try to accommodate this need. Outsourcing also provides a way to deal easily with changes in workload levels without generating higher costs or losing contracts or failing on deliverables. You will also usually have access to a broader array of skills and experience when you’re connected to outsourced contractors than when limited to an in-house team.

Outsourcing makes a lot of sense today, especially if you’re looking to do better where costs are concerned and your business sits within IT, Life Sciences of Engineering.

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