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7 key benefits your organisations gain from using a recruitment contracting solutions provider

7 Benefits Of Using

by Charlotte Gurney

The recruitment landscape is a challenging one today. Working with a staffing contracting solutions provider can make life a lot easier. Whether there is an organisational need for urgent scaling up, temporary support or specialist expertise this type of partnership provides significant flexibility and opportunities for cost and risk savings.

7 key benefits of using a recruitment contracting solutions provider:

1. Gaining experience of an individual employee
It’s not always easy to judge whether an employee is going to be a good fit for your organisation before they start working with you. One of the advantages of a recruitment contracting solutions provider is that they can engage staff on a temporary basis for your business - this works as a trial run in terms of whether they are going to be a good fit for the organisation overall.

2. Taking the hassle out of temporary hires 
The volume of paperwork that comes with recruitment can be daunting, even when it relates to short-term hires. When you partner with an external solutions provider the burden of dealing with this paperwork no longer falls to your business, making the process much more hassle-free.

3. Finding the right people for specific specialised work
You may be taking on a project that requires specific, perhaps niche, expertise that you don’t currently have within your team. A recruitment contracting solutions provider can connect you to the right people for this role without there being any requirement to establish a contract for the long-term.

4. Dealing with fluctuating resource needs 
Short-term or fluctuating recruitment needs can arise at any time, whether that’s in response to seasonal spikes or as a result of changes due to the pandemic. If you have an established partnership with a recruitment contracting solutions provider you will be able to find the people that you need, on an ad hoc basis, solely for the period in which you need their support.

5. Access to a broad network of talented people
Recruiting as an individual business with access to limited networks simply isn’t as effective as via a specialist recruitment contracting solutions provider. You will have a much broader pool of talent to choose from when you have access to these carefully nurtured networks via a recruitment partner. Ultimately, this means that you’re likely to be able to find individuals who are a better fit for the business and you’ll have more choice with each role that you’re looking to fill.

6. Overcoming firing issues 
When you take on permanent staff it can be quite difficult to remove someone from their position without complications, even if serious issues have arisen. If you’re using a recruitment contracting solutions provider then terminating the relationship doesn’t fall to your organisation but is handled by the solutions provider instead.

7. A better alternative if you struggle to recruit 
Whether you lack extensive internal resources to manage recruitment or your organisation has other challenges in hiring eg. Location, branding perception, partnering with a recruitment contracting solutions provider can help to overcome internal recruitment challenges.

From improving ultimate recruitment outcomes to making it easier to handle the ebb and flow of resource demand, these are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to use a recruitment contracting solutions provider for your organisation.