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Why choose Volt as your workforce solutions partner?

Why Choose Volt

by Charlotte Gurney

The workforce landscape can be a challenging one today, however working with Volt can make life a lot easier. Whether there is an organisational need for urgent scaling up, temporary support or specialist expertise - Volt's partnership provides significant agility, customer service care and opportunities for cost and risk saving solutions.

7 key reasons to partner with Volt:

1. Volt have proven total talent solutions to address all workforce management needs such as:
- Managed Service Program (MSP) - Total responsibility for the management of your contingent workforce from planning, sourcing, supplier engagement, compliance to off-boarding and billing. 

- Total Talent Management (TTM) – Sourcing talent across all channels: full time, contingent, gig workers, independent contractors, freelancers, project work.

- Services Procurement Management (SOW) – Complete management of your statement of work spend.

- Payroll, Referred & Independent Contractor Management – Compliantly pay and engage with any type of worker.

- Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - Effective solutions to manage permanent recruitment.

- Direct Sourcing – Building branded talent pools to source contingent talent direct to your business.

- Workforce Consulting Services – Use of our expertise for specific projects or challenges.

2. Volt's expert teams around the world can connect you to the right people for a role without there being any requirement to establish a contract for the long-term. One of the advantages of Volt is that they can engage staff on a temporary basis for your business - this works as a trial run in terms of whether they are going to be a good fit for the organisation overall.

3. Facts: Volt are globally operated with over 35k employees, multi-award winning, ISO accredited, listed on the NYSE, 70 years history in providing workforce solutions and 200 years combined leadership skills and expertise - working with leading organisations from Fortune 100/Multi-Nationals to SME's across every industry sector.

4. When you partner with Volt, the burden of dealing with paperwork no longer falls to your business, making the process much more hassle-free.

5. Diverse and inclusive hiring practices ensure that the best candidates for the role are always found. Volt are an inclusive and diverse organisation - Volt's President and CEO, Linda Perneau and our Chief Global Solutions Officer, Lori Schultz were named in Staffing Industry Analysts' 2020 "Global Power 150 - Women in Staffing" list.

6. You will have a much broader pool of talent to choose from when you have access to these carefully nurtured networks via Volt. Ultimately, this means that you’re likely to be able to find individuals who are a better fit for the business and you’ll have more choice with each role that you’re looking to fill.

7. Volt provide training and candidate care programs to ensure their candidates are supported every step of the way.

From improving ultimate workforce solution outcomes to making it easier to handle the flow of resource demand, these are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to use a workforce solutions provider like Volt for your organisation. Contact us today: