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Volt Europe Staffing Candidate Survey Results 2021

Candidate Survey Results

by Charlotte Gurney

Volt Europe ran a survey on our candidate service. The results below are based on survey feedback in 2020 from candidates at start of assignments, annually and at end of assignments.

In Europe we issued 870 surveys to candidates in 2020 and received 168 responses giving a response rate of 19% which is above average for external survey responses.  All % ratings increased from the previous year including regular contact rising from 79% to 81% which shows the work done separately on Contractor Engagement being recognised.  

The Net Promoter Score is an internationally recognised index that ranks from -100 to +100 and measures the willingness of our candidates to recommend Volt to others.  We believe it to be an excellent guage of overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.  The industry average Net Promoter Score is +18, so our score of +46 (up from +42 in 2019) and is way ahead of the average, great news and well done team Volt!!