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Working With Volt Singapore

by Charlotte Gurney

Working for Volt Singapore
Creating a positive and healthy culture is vital for any employee's wellbeing and success. The main qualities in Volt Singapore's team and worklife are a positive workplace culture which boils down to their six important characteristics:

- Caring, being interested and maintaining responsibility for colleagues as friends.
- Providing support for one another - offering kindness and compassion to all.
- Avoiding blame and forgive mistakes.
- Inspiring one another at work.
- Emphasizing the meaningfulness of the work in hand.
- Treating one another with respect, gratitude, trust, and integrity.

Volt are proud to be Gold partners with The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham) - the largest and the most active international business association in Singapore and Southeast Asia. View our other affiliations here

Volt Singapore Leadership
Ben Batten joined Volt in 2012 with a mandate to establish Volt’s staffing operations in Singapore which formed the group, rapidly driving revenues within an unprecended time period - Volt Singapore is now one of the most fastest growing and successful recruitment workforce providers in Asia. In 2019 Ben relocated to the United Kingdom to take up his present appointment. In his role he is responsible for the international operations of Volt, ex USA, including the United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Singapore. Adam Cole took over from Ben's role as Director for Volt Singapore in 2020.

Adam's vast 25 year experience in the global recruitment industry and leadership skills funnel through the team, which has boosted productivity since he has joined. When a leader is committed to operating from a set of values based on interpersonal kindness, he or she sets the tone for the entire organization. Adam Cole does just that with his effective leadership style and charisma. View the Global Volt leadership team here

Find the right Talent
When you need the right talent, whether for short notice temporary support or long term strategic value, Volt have the expertise to help. Our network of offices across the world, and unique approach to recruitment, means that the people you want are already talking to us.
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Across Singapore, Volt is committed to:
-Appointing a personal manager to take care of you throughout your contract.
-Contacting you regularly and to meeting you in person if at all possible.
-Providing you with a 'welcome' pack when you start, with all the information you should need.
-Explaining the process of recording working time and billing.
-Giving you the answers to your questions when you need them.
-Explaining the contract options, especially if it's your first contract.
-Providing advice and assistance if you need to relocate

Volt Singapore live opportunities
With Volt you're in good hands. We've been working with contractors in Singapore for over 20 years and we know the challenges you face. And Volt is committed to providing you with all the help you need, whether it's your first contract or your 100th.  

Volt Singapore have clear targets across all our sectors that support business growth and have a strong track record of rapidly fast-tracking individuals through their next level whether individual contribution or management. We are hiring for forward thinking recruitment consultants. Whether you are a fresh graduate or have worked in other industries or are an existing consultant, we want to hear from you!

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About Volt - Global
Volt is an award winning, global workforce solution provider, listed on the NYSE and a Fortune 1000 organisation. Volt propels businesses and careers forward with expert momentum. Volt’s 35,000 employees work across 85 offices worldwide to provide workforce management and talent acquisition solutions to businesses and job placement services. With 70 years of industry leadership and a growing global team of employment strategists, partnerships and proactive approach to business needs, Volt strive to maintain an innovative and highly relevant sector-based portfolio globally.
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Contact Volt Singapore today if you would like to either partner and work with us on managing your businesses talent needs or if you would like to work for us: click here