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Volt's D&I Webinar Asia Series - How can Talent Acquisition deliver a Diverse and Inclusive workforce?

D&I Webinar Series 2 New

by Charlotte Gurney

Volt Singapore's Brian Hardiman, Associate Director of HR is partnering with Lisa Mulligan, Group Diversity & Inclusion Director at Worley, to run the second webinar in the series on the major topics impacting the D&I agenda in Asia.

Each lunchtime zoom session will feature guest speakers and thought leaders who will share their own perspectives and experiences with the audience on the topic at hand.

How can Talent Acquisition deliver a Diverse and Inclusive workforce?

Host: Lisa Mulligan (Group Diversity & Inclusion Director at Worley)

Panel Speakers:

Urvi Jobalia, Head of Diversity and Inclusion and Talent Acquisition - APAC for Ericsson.

Annie Lim, APJ Head of Talent Acquisition and Diversity Outreach at Citrix.

Rachel Fitton, Global Talent Acquisition Leader.

12th March – 12.30pm – 1.30pm, Singapore Timezone

Discussion Topic: Workforce diversity and inclusion have been identified as a key driver of internal innovation and business growth so why do so many companies still struggle to attract the right mix of talent to their organisation?

We ask this question to Talent Acquisition leaders in Asia who are on the front-line of tackling this problem and explore what new approaches are out there including:

• How big an impact can the right technology play in improving the process?

• What can we learn about candidate tracking through the recruitment process? Who drops out and why?

• Do existing recruitment marketing and EVP’s help or hinder?

• How do we measure the effectiveness or impact of hiring managers during interviews?

• How to up-skill a regional Talent Acquisition team to ensure consistency during screening and selection?

Our goal is to raise awareness and provide all attendees with tangible takeaways and usable action points so they can work towards improving the experience of every employee in their own workplace.

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