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Volt DE&I Webinar Series - UK & Europe

Uk D&I Webinar

by Charlotte Gurney

Volt International are running a webinar series on the major topics impacting the D,E&I agenda in UK and Europe.

Each lunchtime zoom session will feature guest speakers and thought leaders who will share their own perspectives and experiences with the audience on the topic at hand. In the first of our D,E&I journey webinar series, our expert panel explore the reasons why and how your business should be thinking about its approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Webinar: How to start on your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion journey?
Date: 16th June 2021 - 12.30pm-1.30pm
Chair: Ben Batten – Senior VP and Managing Director at Volt International

Panel Speakers and Bio's:

Ross Linnett – Founder & CEO of Recite Me - Recite Me is a global leading Enterprise SaaS accessibility solution providing support to millions of users to view content online barrier-free around the world.

As a sprinter with dreams of Olympic glory, Ross always found ways to push himself to the absolute limit to gain a competitive edge and ensure his acceptance and inclusion in the racing world. Finding out he was dyslexic at University did not stop Ross in creating that winning edge to drive himself forward in business. One thing that Ross did notice was his particularly disadvantage online, with little resources to overcome his exclusion. It was at this pivotal moment that the idea for Recite Me was born. The next few years were a blur of hard work, building a winning team, refining our product and shaping the mission that would see over 500 global organisations deploy our tools. Fast forward and Ross continues to drive our innovation with the same guiding belief in Accessibility for all. 

On the webinar Recite Me will discuss and educate people on the support needed for candidates online to discover and apply for jobs barrier-free. And when referring to candidates we mean everyone, including people with disabilities, learning difficulties, visual impairments and if they speak English as a second language. Everyone should have the ability to apply for their dream roll and have a chance to express their true talents. 

Company Profile
Recite Me's core message is that Accessibility + Usability = Inclusion. Our technology and supporting services bridge the gap between accessibility and usability, creating more inclusive online experiences. Recite Me is a cloud-based web accessibility assistive toolbar solution that allows website visitors to customise a site in a way that works best for them. Approximately one billion people globally have a disability, and they can often face barriers when visiting inaccessible websites that prevent them from taking an active part in life. Recite Me’s innovative assistive technology makes websites accessible and inclusive through a unique range of features. This easy to use, award-winning software includes text to speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 35 text to speech voices and many other features. This innovative software benefits millions of people who currently miss out on online and mobile content; Recite works across all devices, giving everyone the opportunity to use the internet in the way that it is intended.

Dan Robertson – Director at VERCIDA Consulting - A global D&I consultancy transforming the workplace into a diverse and inclusive environment with science and psychology underpinning their approach to inclusive management. 

Dan Robertson is the Director of VERCIDA Consulting. Dan has a particular expertise in the science and application of unconscious bias, leadership decision-making and behavioural economics. He spends his days supporting executives to turn diversity theory into meaningful actions. He is acknowledged as an inspirational conference speaker and an expert facilitator working across a wide range of business sectors globally.

* Dan is Chair of the Lord Mayor of London’s Power of Inclusion programme (London).

* In 2019 and 2020 he was named by Hive Learning as a top 50 D&I leader for his work globally and locally.

His publications include: The Long Road to Inclusivity: Published in Beyond 2015, Shaping the Future of Equality, Human Rights and Social Justice. A Collection of Essays: Equality & Diversity Research Network. 2015. He is a contributor to the 3rd edition of the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook. (2020)

Company Profile
At VERCIDA Group we have a simple mission: to transform the workplace into a diverse and inclusive environment. With science and psychology underpinning our approach to inclusive management, we assist our clients worldwide.By challenging traditional ways of thinking about diversity and inclusion, we prepare businesses for the future of work.
VERCIDA stands for: Values, Equality, Respect, Culture, Inclusion, Diversity, Accessibility - h

Kate Headley - Director and Co-Founder at The Clear Company

A highly experienced and fully qualified HR professional, she has been advising organisations on diversity and inclusive talent management for over 20 years. Kate co-founded the Clear Company in 2003, in 2021 it is a successful global business with clients in a range of sectors including Investment and Retail Banking, Global Consultancy Firms, Legal, Energy, Retail, and Infrastructure.  Clients include Lloyd’s of London, RBS, DWF, Highways England, Ofcom, Co-op, P&G, Michael Page, HS2, Balfour Beatty and Skipton Building Society.

Kate is a Government advisor on disability and diversity and serves on the external ‘Panel of Experts’ to the UK Cabinet Office as well as being a founder partner of The Government’s Disability Confident Scheme and co-founder and Chair of the Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI). She is an expert advisor to Inclusion@Lloyd’s Global Diversity Steering Group and has been a regular speaker and awards judge at the annual Dive In Festival.  In 2019 Kate joined the Steering Group of the Manchester Ability Network.

Company Profile
The Clear Company are a leading global D&I consultancy offering inclusive recruitment and talent management insight, training and technology.  D&I Audit processes and market leading training and online toolkits provide direction and support to client’s inclusion journey’s at all stages of the employee lifecycle.

D,E&I Webinar Discussion Topic: Workforce diversity and inclusion have been identified as a key driver of internal innovation and business growth - however where do we all start in this journey?

We ask this question to D&I company leaders in the UK who are on the front-line of tackling this and explore what new approaches are available. Developing an authentic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy can be challenging, knowing where to start can be difficult and overwhelming.

Join us on this webinar to learn more, Register: here