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Innovative approaches to talent management

Innovative Approaches To Talent Management

by Charlotte Gurney

The past year has required businesses across all sectors to be flexible and resourceful when it comes to adapting to pandemic-driven change. In some industries, this has meant looking for ways to keep staff on even in the face of impending unemployment. In other sectors, there has been a need to quickly employ new people to meet the increasing demand for certain products and services. Employer experiences have differed enormously across the world and talent management has frequently required a flexible approach.

Innovative talent management

Looking at a workforce strategy is one way for businesses to balance the impact being made by the pandemic – with businesses looking to restructure or relook at their workforce strategy to become more efficient in these times. Working with a suite of total talent staffing solutions provided by one partner, such as Volt Consulting Group can help drive efficiencies, reduce risk, and increase security for your workforce strategies.

This innovative approach ensures that there is a talent pool to meet demand and that those who are already employed are able to remain in work. At Volt Consulting Group we can support clients in these fluid times and regularly have been called upon by many businesses and organizations to revisit the way they source and manage their workforce.

Volt Consulting Group has a unique approach, resulting in over 120 programs in over 30 counties spanning over 20 years. From supplying the best talent when needed, handling change management and delivering a total workforce strategy encompassing the provision, processes and technology to achieve strategic results. Volt’s network covers more than 1,400 suppliers globally, adding value and meeting any diversity and inclusion initiatives. Part of this innovative approach is making sure there is alignment for organizations in an ever-changing talent landscape, Volt can offer the security of having a solution and the people behind this to quickly adapt, address any changes that your organization needs as part of your workforce management strategies. Whether that’s economic or the world we live in today, Volt Consulting Group has the expertise in place to give your organization the security and safe hands that it deserves through our total talent management solutions. 

Our Solutions include:

Managed Service Programs (MSP)
Total Talent Management (TTM)
Services Procurement (SOW)
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Direct Sourcing
Payroll, Referred
IC Management
Workforce Consulting / Advisory Services

Businesses have been facing unprecedented pandemic-related staffing challenges which have focused on the retention and reallocation of the workforce. Employers should embrace the wealth of skilled individuals looking for work by acquiring staff to sustain business growth and strive for entrepreneurial excellence during these testing times. The employer’s market is set to continue throughout 2021, making it the perfect time to acquire the best staff and, in turn, leverage optimal business outcomes.

The view that work extends beyond organizational boundaries is proving to be crucial in providing businesses with opportunities to survive and grow – using a consultative partner in innovative talent management is key in pivoting your workforce strategy in today’s climate.

If you are looking for an innovative partner to work with your business in handling change management, and delivering a total workforce strategy then get in touch with Volt Consulting Group -