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Volt Asia DE&I Webinar Series - How to start your career in DE&I

D&I Webinar Series 3 New Asia

by Charlotte Gurney

Volt Singapore's Brian Hardiman, Associate Director of HR is partnering with Lisa Mulligan, Group Diversity & Inclusion Director at Worley, to run the third webinar in the series on the major topics impacting the D&I agenda in Asia.

Each lunchtime zoom session will feature guest speakers and thought leaders who will share their own perspectives and experiences with the audience on the topic at hand.

Webinar Topic: How to start your career in DE&I
Date: 27th May 2021 – 12.30pm – 1.30pm, Singapore Timezone
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Moderator: Lisa Mulligan (Group Diversity & Inclusion Director
​at Worley)

Panel Speakers

Emma Bennett, Diversity and Inclusion Lead Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse

Johanne Bianca Mondestin, Regional Account Manager at Mercer

Sudesh Thevasenabathy, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Asia at Manulife

Webinar Discussion Topic:

We have seen a rapid growth in the number of DE&I roles being created here in Asia over the last twelve months. Stepping into a DE&I leadership role entails a huge responsibility and then comes the pressure to deliver significant impact on the organisations approach and understanding to this essential subject.

With DE&I being such a new position for many companies here in Asia employers have had to think differently about where they look for talent. We talk to DE&I leaders about how they moved into their roles and discover what they have learned about what skills and experiences are needed to be successful.

If you aspire to have a career in DE&I then join us for a Q&A session where you’ll be able to find out exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal.

- This session will be about exploring the key skills and experiences that will set D&I  people up for success

- The different backgrounds that can lead you to a D&I Role - it could be legal, human resources, business leadership or consulting but there are others

- The benefits and challenges of different backgrounds coming in to D&I roles

- What are the important transferrable skills needed to work in D&I?