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Learning during the holiday season

Learning During Holiday Season

by Charlotte Gurney

Learning is one of those resources that continues to be available no matter what is happening with the economy or if you find yourself with not much to do. With organizations increasingly recognizing the importance of continuous learning - especially in times of crisis - there are now more opportunities than ever before to invest in yourself now to generate more opportunities in 2021 and beyond.

Continuous learning is crucial - and satisfying

Those businesses that chose to trim learning and training budgets suffer as a result, with chronic shortages of skilled workers and the loss of those who felt that their potential was not being developed. This is a lesson that some enterprises have had to learn the hard way but it has meant that learning and development has (mostly) not been pushed down the agenda when the turbulent economic conditions created by the pandemic hit. Upskilling is increasingly being recognized as a way to keep workforces agile and to build resilience against uncertainty into any organization.

Learning ideas:

Get your organization involved. Most businesses today are willing to invest time and resources into employee learning, usually focused around skills shortages within the organisation. If there is particular training or development that you want access to then it’s worth making this known. Your learning journey is partly your responsibility but there is greater benefit for the wider business too in having a supportive learning infrastructure in place.

Broaden your perspective where training is concerned. Training is no longer simply sitting in a meeting room listening to someone talk. Especially under the global conditions of COVID-19 many more opportunities have evolved. Flexible, digital training that uses a multitude of media to help you evolve and develop your skills provides many more options and a much more enjoyable experience.

Shout about your success. Learning can be exciting and can create positive feeling in a year that has often felt stagnant and hard. Celebrate your wins and share these with others so that they can get onto the learning journey too.

Staying active during the holidays

Summer isn’t going to be the same as other years, but it’s still important that you find time to have a break from work and the pressure that brings. However, whether you’re with family or not, staying active at this time can keep you feeling connected to the world around and engaged with your future. This might come from continuing your learning when on holiday, if you are at home this year, whether that is via recommended texts and online course materials or just sitting and reading books on topics that light up a flame of excitement in you.

Learning is a crucial tool for development, especially in times of crisis.