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Top 4 KPIs to use for achieving personal goals and why

Top 4 Kpis And Why

by Charlotte Gurney

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are something that many of us are familiar with in a business setting - but in the context of your own personal growth? Perhaps not so much. However, there is enormous value in integrating KPIs when it comes to setting and achieving personal goals, not just to keep you motivated but to ensure that you stay accountable too. Progress via small steps is often the most effective and KPIs are a key part of that.

Understanding KPIs

If you’ve found yourself feeling demotivated, failing to get through your To Do lists or just generally feeling a bit directionless, KPIs can be a great tool for getting back on line. They are simply measurable values that you can use to track your success and progress and they can be high level (overarching goals) or low level (smaller scale and more detail orientated).

There are a number of key questions to answer when you’re defining your KPIs:

-What is the objective?

-Why does this matter to me?

-How long is it going to take to achieve?

-How will I measure the progress I make?

-How often do I want to track my progress?

-What will tell me I have reached the goal I set?

-Top 4 KPIs for achieving personal goals

You can create KPIs in virtually any area of your life and in any way that you choose. If you’re looking for some inspiration these four metrics are very effective.

1. Relationship KPIs. Most of our relationships start out with effort on both sides but, whether they are friendships, professional or romantic relationships, this can start to dwindle over time. The idea of relationship KPIs is to set goals that help you to sustain and grow your existing relationships so that they are stronger and more satisfying going forward.

2. Growth KPIs. This type of KPI arises from the things that scare us the most as these fears are often where the biggest opportunities for growth really lie. Whether it’s public speaking, physical challenges or even asking for a pay rise, make your fears the focus of your goals and you’ll see a lot of progress.

3. Financial KPIs. Money is a sensitive area for many of us, whether that’s budgeting or minimizing unnecessary spending. This is a great KPI to focus on because it will encourage you to be realistic about where you are in terms of your finances as well as where you’d like to be. Breaking down the steps in between these two points can be the start of a life changing financial transformation, with your KPIs as the tool.

4. Fitness KPIs. This is another part of life that many of us find hard but also benefit significantly from when we are on track. Fitness KPIs could be anything, from working towards a big challenge to achieving a new level of fitness or mastering a new activity. The best thing about improving fitness is that it can support development in many other areas of life too, from focus and concentration to productivity at work.

Setting KPIs is a very powerful way to help you achieve personal goals.