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Volt is speaking at The Global Recruiter's UK Summit in London

Ben Speaking At Global Recruiter Uk Summit

by Charlotte Gurney

Ben Batten, Senior VP and Managing Director at Volt International is speaking at the Global Recruiter's UK Summit in London. Discussion will be on the impact of the pandemic on recruitment companies and their technology use. The Summit is taking the theme of Recruitment 4.0+ and will feature presentations and discussions around technology in recruitment and in particular the accelerating impact the pandemic has had on this.

Date: 30th September, 2021

Time: 10.00-11.00

Location: Fenchurch Place, London UK


How the recruitment industry survived and thrived through Covid.

In this roundtable we hear from recruiters on the impact of Covid – how your business responded and met the challenges of the pandemic. We will discuss recruitment market changes and how recruitment businesses adjusted accordingly. What role did technology play in dealing with this level of disruption and what lessons have been learned that have continued to support recruitment businesses today? Faced with a growing and demanding market, how has the experience over the past 18 months accelerated technology use and prepared the recruitment industry for a successful future?

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