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How to ensure that you stand out in any stage of your career

Stand Out Any Stage In Your Career

by Charlotte Gurney

Whether you’re starting a new role, seeking a promotion or looking to establish yourself on a completely new career path, being able to stand out from the crowd is a valuable skill to have. By effectively showcasing who you are and what you can offer will not only ensure that you progress within your role, but that you don’t miss out on opportunities at any stage of your career. So, how do you do it?

Create a career plan

When you’re clear on where you want to go, you’ll be able to communicate this to your manager so that they will be in the best place to help you get there. By showcasing your strengths and interests, you’ll be able to facilitate a path and action plan to get you to the next level, enabling you to perform in the areas that you excel in.

Work smart and demonstrate productivity

Simply putting in the hours won’t make you stand out from the crowd, but being able to show hard work that is productive will. Use your time wisely to complete tasks more efficiently, identify areas for improvement in the business and seek ways to bring more value to your clients and customers. By doing so, you’ll be effectively demonstrating your value and positive work ethic, which won’t go unnoticed.

Find a great mentor

If you’re working with someone who inspires you and potentially has lots of great networking connections, then you’ll be a step ahead of anyone who doesn’t have this kind of support. One of the major benefits of a mentor is that they are able to provide a level of objectivity about the trajectory of your career path that goes beyond the position you’re currently in. Moreover, you’ll be gaining invaluable insights and feedback from an individual that has proven themselves within the industry, which in turn will contribute to your overall professional development.

Communication with management

Be open to sharing what’s going well, what isn’t, and how you’re learning from this. This open channel of communication gives your employer the opportunity to see the areas you want to focus more of your time and skills on, as well as areas where more training and development would be beneficial, allowing you to continue to grow within your role.

Schedule regular meetings about your personal development

These meetings are a great opportunity to show that you are taking on board - and putting into practice - any feedback that you’re receiving, as well as the general progress that you’re making. Utilize these meetings as an opportunity to make it clear where you want your career path to go, as well as outlining the changes that you’re willing to make to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction.

Stay up to date and on top of your learning

An approach of continuous learning will ensure that you’re always aligned with what’s happening in your industry. Take full accountability and ownership of everything you’re working on and make sure that you can demonstrate your meaningful contributions for any projects you are involved in. In addition, ensure that you keep all your visible profiles up to date to reflect your development and undertaking of new skillsets, as these show your ability to grow outside of your role and your commitment to personal growth.

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