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Talent engagement technologies revolutionizing workforces

Talent Technologies Revoluzings Workforces

by Charlotte Gurney

The way that businesses manage workforces has shifted considerably during the pandemic. While many of the initial solutions employed were designed around survival, we are now beginning to see much more of a focus on technology to energize and innovate talent management. From improving the employee experience to achieving greater diversity in the workforce, boosting retention and pushing up productivity, talent engagement technologies have a lot to offer where the workforce of the future is concerned.

Widespread adoption of cloud technology

Of all the talent engagement technologies revolutionizing workforces today, the cloud - and the ancillary technologies it supports and drives - is one of the most important. Cloud innovation offers a very wide range of opportunities for revolutionizing workforces, starting with something as simple as being able to collect real time data about employee movements, problems and concerns. This can be vital in providing employers with insight into employee risk factors as well as any glaring gaps in the workforce, among many other things. Some of the specific benefits of cloud talent engagement technologies include:

Making HR a more agile process. Thanks to cloud technology and mobile devices, key decisions about workforce management can now be made much more quickly and with minimum delay.

Speeding up recruitment. Decisions about new hires can be made quickly, without multiple sign offs required, and implemented while staff are on the go.

Better opportunities for communication. Cloud technology offers employers many new ways to connect to, and support, employee journeys, strengthening engagement with the business and improving productivity and retention.

Hybrid working models will continue to revolutionize workforce management. As these models are increasingly developed, we are likely to see a wider range of digital solutions being used to improve everything, from minimizing admin time to increasing employee engagement.

Other key talent engagement technologies

Artificial intelligence, CRM and intelligent automation are all increasingly being integrated by businesses to help attract, develop and retain talent to create a brighter future for workforces.

Using technology to increase workplace diversity

Workforces that are diverse in terms of gender and ethnicity tend to be more productive, innovative and positive environments. However, there are many barriers that stand in the way of achieving the diversity goals that businesses have set. Technology has the potential to revolutionize what can be achieved when it comes to diversity, especially with respect to overcoming the challenges that arise during the recruitment process. For example, one recent study found that 52% of job ads use gendered wording, creating an unconscious male bias. The use of technology such as ‘Gender Decoder’ language software could help to remove this so that job ads are more inclusive and generally appealing.

A shift towards the internal talent marketplace

Another area where technology is driving revolutionary change is when it comes to how businesses use the skills and abilities of a workforce. An internal talent marketplace approach can be transformative, as it matches up the profiles, skills and abilities of employees with the future needs of the business, bringing in a talent acquisition team to ensure that employees are proactively engaged.

From AI to cloud technology, these are just some of the talent engagement technologies revolutionizing workforces today.

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