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Remote Recruitment Strategies

Remote Recruitment Strategies

by Charlotte Gurney

Many organizations were already using the tools and technologies of the virtual world for recruitment before the start of the pandemic. However, since the events of the past year it has become even more important to have some digital channels in place and the benefits of remote recruiting, hiring and onboarding are even more obvious. These are some of the recruitment and talent tactics that you might want to consider to support your business venturing further into a virtual world.

Rethink the interview process

There are two elements to this: phone interviews and video interviews, each of which has something different to add to the interview process.

Phone interviews. These have become an essential part of the early stages of screening. Whether you’re doing phone interviews yourself or using a recruiter they represent the best way to get to know as much as possible about a candidate in a very short space of time.

Video interviews. The idea of a virtual interview has often been rejected in the past because of the lack of face-to-face contact. However, there is a lot you can learn about someone on a very personal level, from the art they have on the wall at home to the way they move their face or body in response to questions. Invest in training so that managers can get the most from video interviews and the process becomes a cost-effective way to move recruitment forward.

Set up a remote onboarding environment

This will require a solid plan for every week that a new starter is with the business so that you’re on top of the virtual experience that they are having. Make sure you factor in everything that they need to know on a practical level, as well as opportunities for social moments and getting to know the team. It’s essential that there is a welcome email ready to go when new starters arrive and that you’ve set them up with all the technology that they need to hit the ground running.

Optimize the virtual events environment

Virtual meet and greets, Q&As and events can help to establish your brand in the minds of potential candidates and are a prime opportunity to communicate vision and values, and open channels of communication. That could be anything from a quiz night to a virtual jobs fair.

Adapt your process but don’t abandon it

You know what works for your business and bringing in a virtual element doesn’t need to change that. For example, if it works to have a panel interview and three individual interviews then stick to that but just introduce video interviews for some, or all. It’s also important to ensure that any online processes are as compliant with legislation on discrimination and policies on inclusion and diversity as ‘real life’ sessions would be. You might want to check with a lawyer to ensure application processes, interview questions etc. don’t discriminate on the basis of protected characteristics such as age, race, gender etc.

Recruitment and talent tactics in a virtual world have a lot to offer business growth today.