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4 ways to kickstart your employer branding initiatives

Brand Initiatives

by Charlotte Gurney

As economy has begun to recover this year, there has been a significant shift in the way that organizations view hiring. Recruitment has once again become a vital tool for growth; however, the candidate market has again shifted. In lieu of this, employer branding has become a core factor when it comes to attracting the right people to your business, and is now a key component in effective workforce building. With this in mind, the team here at Volt have put together a list of some of ways that you can kickstart employer branding initiatives within your business today:

Focus on creating employee advocates within your own enterprise: Wellbeing and employee experience have risen to the top of the agenda during the pandemic and candidates are increasingly looking for employers where this has been prioritized. One of the best tools that any organisation has when it comes to positive branding messages is the existing workforce. Employees can advocate positively for your business when it comes to attracting others who might want to work there and building the right reputation. Especially if your staff have been actively involved in giving back to the community during lockdowns, it might even be valuable to create a formal ambassador program.

Review your brand reputation: Talent pipelines can be made or broken by the reputation of the business. The way that organizations have managed employees during the pandemic has come under a lot of scrutiny and if your business made mistakes or could have done better then there may be some repair work to do where the brand is concerned. This is an exercise that is well worth undertaking, not just because it will ensure that you’re able to attract many more high-quality candidates but also to make sure your hiring is more cost effective. According to one article in the Harvard Business Review, a bad reputation can mean each hire costs 10% more.

Improve diversity and inclusion initiatives: Many studies have now established that the more diverse and inclusive a workforce is, the more advantages the business can potentially enjoy in areas such as productivity and innovation. Greater focus on diversity and inclusion will help to ensure that your recruitment practices are more effective and inclusive, in turn meaning the business is attracting the broadest possible range of top talent. It will also contribute to a healthier company culture as well as a more positive brand reputation.

Revisit the benefits that you offer: We’ve moved away from the traditional benefits that used to be prized by employees and towards a much broader range of options and resources that staff can use to create the kind of lifestyle that they want for themselves. Revisiting benefits and increasing the options around wellbeing, mental health, flexible working and personal financing can create a benefits package that will be a powerful tool when it comes to your employer brand.

By successfully implementing employer branding initiatives, your business will begin to see the benefits of a more engaged, inclusive and considered workforce. To find out how the team here at Volt can help with your business’ recruitment needs, then please visit our ‘Client Solutions’ page on our website for more information.