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How to attract talent that will impact your bottom line

How To Attract Talent That Will Impact Your Bottom Line V2

by Charlotte Gurney

Attracting the right talent to your organization is crucial, not just to fill skills gaps, but also when it comes to the bottom line. If you want to ensure that your business has a continuous pipeline of great people to choose from, then candidate experience needs to be a priority at every level of the recruitment process. Investing in the experience that candidates have with your organization now - whether or not they are ultimately successful - will set your enterprise up to attract the best talent in the future.

Defining candidate experience

The simplest way to look at candidate experience is that it encompasses every contact that someone applying to work for your company has with the business. That starts with job ads and applications and, for some, may conclude in the onboarding process. It also includes the perception of your brand among candidates, as this will determine whether the best people decide to put an application forward in the first place.

Why is it so important?

We live in an interconnected world today where almost everything is shared. This includes the experience that people have with the recruitment process and every contact they have with a business. If your candidate experience is wholly positive, then your business will be able to effortlessly attract applications. Often, the perception that a candidate has of a business prior to the application has been formed by what they’ve heard about it from other people or read online. Frequently, this revolves around how others have been treated when working for said organization, however many individuals also share details surrounding the application process. As a result, your business can save time, resources and recruitment budget by upgrading your candidate experience so that it serves as a way to attract applicants with the most impressive skills and experience who are looking to work within an organization where they will be valued.

Do rejected candidates matter?

Yes. These are the candidates most likely to be vocal about their experience with your organization, so they matter a great deal. While they may not have been successful this time, they could potentially be a source for referrals and they may be a better fit for another role in the future. One LinkedIn study found that 64% of candidates were willing to stay in touch with a potential employer after a positive hiring experience even if they had not been hired.

How do you implement this?

●      Apply the same principles to candidates as you would customers - Clear communication, transparency, swift responses, openness and respect.

●      Gain some perspective - If you went through your business’ recruitment process again yourself, would it feel structured and clear, or confusing and time-consuming?

●      Ask for feedback - From applications to interviews, you can refine the process by asking for feedback on how others experienced it. This in turn provides you with insights from both successful and unsuccessful candidates, allowing you to corroborate and see if any stages of the recruitment process are receiving a negative response from both perspectives.

●      Communicate with everyone - Don’t abandon those who aren’t a good fit, as this will damage your brand image. Make sure that everyone receives the same level of fast and respectful communication.

The candidate experience is vital to attracting the kind of talent that will make a big difference to the bottom line of your business. To find out how Volt can help you in attracting the right talent for your organization, please visit our ‘Client Solutions’ page on our website for more information.